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Mampintsha Lashes Out At Government

Mampintsha Lashes Out At Government

Musician Mampintsha posted a 9-minute long video on Instagram lashing out at government for their lack of support of the arts industry. In the video he also revealed that he is a loan shark and is under debt review, encouraging other artists that were hit hard by the lockdown to join the company reviewing his debt.

In the video Shimora bashes the government for not supporting them financially whereas they campaign for government when they are in need. He said he revealed this information because he wants to help other artists, saying he has large assets, so that is why he is under debt review.

“This message goes out to everyone, I’m appealing to artists to go for debt review. We’re the ones who always campaign for government, so I am really hurt. It’s become clear government doesn’t care about us. With all due respect, government has done nothing for us. As an artist I’ve never received any money from it. They are not my friends. In fact, I think I’ve lost respect for government.

“Let’s stop fooling each other, all the strategies have failed. Well, I have some good news. I’d like to introduce you to a company that helps with debt review. It’s the same company that assists me with my own debt. As we speak I’m under debt review and want everyone to be helped. I’m not going to keep the information from you,” said the muso.

Showing his frustration, the #Vulapresident activist, Mampintsha said as artists they have a heavy load of responsibilities, and despite the lockdown, they have not been getting income but have monthly instalments to pay.

“We drive big cars and have family responsibilities. On top of that we’ve been hit hard by Covid-19, but we still have to pay monthly instalments. We’ve got to take children to school.”

He then explained how the company works.

“The beauty of this company is that it negotiates with your creditors so that your monthly instalments are reduced. All you have to do is send an SMS. The company will call you back and do an assessment. For me this is the wisest thing after my new album.”

He then revealed that he is a loan shark, “As loans harks we’re also tired of borrowing people money. Events and clubs are still restricted. Once you’re helped, come back and tell us. Don’t be afraid.”

Would you use this type of company?

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