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Mampintsha Works On Changing Public’s Perception

Mampintsha Works On Changing Public’s Perception

Mampintsha past is clearly a sore point for the West Ink front man, and the brother is currently working on fixing his public image if his latest actions are anything to go by.

The musician and businessman as one third of iconic kwaito group, Big Nuz, was celebrated and lauded by his fan base and South Africans everywhere. But it seems that the separation of the group following the passing of R Mashesha marked a downward public image trajectory for Mr Shimora. To go through it when we have been taught to drink water would be futile, but here are some “highlights.”

Of course his relationship with Babes Wodumo did the most damage to his public image. All it took was a single Metro FM interview when the revelation of Bhut’ Madlisa’s abusive ways to start the snowball effect. Then came the video that provided that even big-boned men can aspire to be Michael Jordan- if you get it, you get it. And then there was the almost airing of what would have been the South African version of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s tragic reality show. A show that the couple worked to making sure it never sees the light of day.

His solo music career has left much to be desired too. Mampintsha since going solo has had lukewarm singles that have not managed to capture South African’s attention like his days back with Big Nuz. And what could have been a big song, “As’Trende,” by Prince Kaybee was quickly canned after Prince Kaybee could not stand the heat in the kitchen. This was after fans dragged Prince Kaybee for filth for endorsing a known and proven abuser.

But Mampintsha is working his hardest to make sure that his public image is better curated. First, it was with the announcement of him proposing to Babes Wodumo, and girl saying yes. The engaged couple followed those news with the announcement that they will finally have a reality show, which will not play them dirty that way Moja Love almost did.

Recently on Instagram, Mampintsha shared a video of himself in studio. The session was “lit” ‘literally. The smoke in the room is apparent, and the fact that they are mostly topless says it all. However, Shimora in the video can be seen actively trying to prevent his entourage from flouting the alcohol they were consuming. He has since deleted the video, but those who know-know.

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