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Manaka And Her Son Are Out Of Danger

Manaka And Her Son Are Out Of Danger

The Coronavirus is such a dangerous virus that has taken so much from us as humanity.

Lives have been lost, families have been mourning and continue to mourn, people’s health conditions have deteriorated, jobs have been lost and the economy has been affected, leisurely activities have come to a halt — the list continues.

If there’s one thing we are reminded of, it would have to be the fact that no one is spared from contracting it, which is why we have to do our utmost to be vigilant and take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves. However, it does get hard for some people because of the type of industry that they are in.

Actress Manaka Ranaka is over the moon after her COVID-19 results came back negative. This after the Generations: The Legacy actress who plays the character of Lucy Diale, had been in quarantine.

In an Instagram video, an excited Manaka shared with her fans that she and her son are now COVID-19 negative. She explained that she has just gotten back from testing and after her results were released, she was told that it would not be necessary to test her cute little bundle of joy who is not even a year old.

We can only imagine how hard it must have been for the actress to be in quarantine and away from her loved ones, especially while she is still trying to come to terms with losing two loved ones in a short space of time.

Last month she lost her friend Thabo Mashigo and a few daysater she opened up that she has not grasped the thought of continuing with life without him.

Manaka penned a heartfelt tribute for him on Instagram. She said she cries every day for him. She wrote: “You entered my life without an invitation! And you left without permission. Not that you needed any. I mean your energetic presence touched so many. I haven’t yet grasped the thought of a life without you. And I weep endlessly for Boo.”Ooooh and my dearest Thando, you son. I trust that you will be that bright light that will shine upon him like the rays of the sun.”

She said he must pass her greetings to her late cousin Kagiso and others that she has lost: “The Dale will never be the same without you. Say Hi to Iko, Siyasanga, Akhumzi, Moriri, Kagiso le papa Joe. Tell em I miss em dearly. Rest in Power Malome Thabo Elson ThiboGunz Mashigo. You will be missed my dawg.”

A few weeks before Thabo’s death, Manaka and her family had just lost their cousin. They were mourning the death of the 34-year old Kagiso Ranaka. The actress also opened up about his passing on Instagram saying: “Oh, cuz but why??? I still can’t believe you are gone! Robala ka kgotso ngwana ko gae.”

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