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Master KG Gifts Fans Free Cash

Master KG Gifts Fans Free Cash

Master KG is in a very good mood as he has decided to gift his followers with free cash. Master KG asked his followers what they love about him and his music, and it makes them feel. Although some responses seemed genuine, some exaggerated the truth but Master KG continued to play along.

“Shout to everyone who shared their messages on how my music makes them feel…Win or no win I appreciate anyone…lets rock again next time I’m off to de studio,” he said on his first giveaway.

A lot of his followers have been telling weird and funny stories about Master KG and his music.

Here are some of the hilarious lies told about the Jerusalema hitmaker:

“My mother says when I was about 4 years old I used to get super excited to see Master KG on her screen and I would scream “ngilondoloze” around the house.”

“Master KG is a better footballer than Lionel Messi.”

“Master KG is currently the biggest artist in SA, it’s a fact.”

“Master KG is a better leader than Cyril Ramaphosa and his cabinet combined.”

“Dear Master KG : I was listening to your music even before I was born. I’m your biggest fan.”

“Master KG raps better than A Reece.”

“When Master KG was born, unlike all other babies in the maternity ward, he didn’t cry. He sang a song to comfort other new Borns and their mothers.”

Master KG has been living up to his promise and has been sending those e-wallets.

Master KG was not only trending for giving out free cash, but he also trended after people linked him to Thuli Phongolo.

After commenting on his tweet, Thuli started noticing some dating rumours but she quickly poured cold water to those claims. “Apparently, I’m dating MasterKG because I commented on his tweet! Guys, please respect me!” she laughed. She also tried to not make it seem as though she was being disrespectful to him and said he is just a friend, “I love @MasterKGsa but we’re friends, stop it! Stop it lona!”

After receiving backlash because of the “respect me please”, Thuli then added, “I mean ‘respect me’ as in stop spending baseless rumours! Hayibo nina, angisadlali! (I’m not playing anymore.)

Thui received some backlash but she clarified that she was not undermining or dissing Master KG.

Master KG also came to her defense and said he did not feel disrespected by Thuli’s tweets.

“Me and @Thuli_P We good… We talk and we cool buds..so I don’t think she was undermining me or anything with that post… Because we respect each other for sure,” he said. Master KG also clarified that they are not an item, “And we just spoke an hour ago we good and we ain’t dating for sure.”

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