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Master KG’s Impressive Car Collection

Master KG’s Impressive Car Collection

Global superstar Master KG has not only made a name for himself but he also made bank with best selling song yet, Jerusalema. The star recently showed off his car collection yet again and it is impressive.

Master KG was feeling a bit homesick as he posted a snap of him standing next to his cars. The luxury cars he was showing off are reportedly a red Ferrari FF which according to OkMzansi costs about R6 million. The other vehicle is a red Mercedes Benz. In the picture, he praises the colour red by saying “red is life.” “I woke missing home, Mzansi,” said the DJ who enjoys touring.

A few months back he also showed off his home.

Master KG IG story

Master KG was recently on a giveaway spree when he gave fans money from R500 to a whopping R3000. All they needed to do was to mention what songs they like form him.

People assumed that Master KG is filthy rich as he gave away money like it is small waters. But he poured cold water to those claims saying his bank balance is probably like everybody else’s.

“Lol guys me giving out money doesn’t really mean I have a lot of money in my bank balance might be on the same level as some of guys.. just that I don’t really mind sending my last 15k or whatever that I have to people just to see smile on their face,” he mentioned.

Here are some of the hilarious responses:

“My mother says when I was about 4 years old I used to get super excited to see Master KG on her screen and I would scream “ngilondoloze” around the house.”

“Master KG is a better footballer than Lionel Messi.”

“Master KG is currently the biggest artist in SA, it’s a fact.”

“Master KG is a better leader than Cyril Ramaphosa and his cabinet combined.”

“Dear Master KG : I was listening to your music even before I was born. I’m your biggest fan.”

“Master KG raps better than A Reece.”

“When Master KG was born, unlike all other babies in the maternity ward, he didn’t cry. He sang a song to comfort other new Borns and their mothers.”

Master KG has been living up to his promise and has been sending those e-wallets.

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