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Mihlali Does #InfluencerChallenge On Her Mom

Mihlali Does #InfluencerChallenge On Her Mom

South Africa’s social media darling, Mihlali Ndamase, has finally joined in on the challenge which many believed was destined for her. The beauty blogger shared the hilarious video, which showed her partaking in the #InfluencerChallenge, with her mom as the as the poor victim.
Mihlali was heard blatantly lying about her workout routine, which she claimed consists of her waking up at 5am every morning to start exercising. She went to state that she has drastically changed her diet, which is now vegan, and she has given up alcohol since the beginning of January.

Mihlali’s mother was at a loss for words at her daughter’s flat-out lies, as she was unaware of what the challenge involved. Throughout the video she was seen gasping at Mihlali’s ludicrous claims, as Mihlali tried to keep in her laughter. Followers were also left in stitches after watching the video, with many stating that they were waiting for South Africa’s most influential influencer to partake in the challenge.

Earlier on Wednesday, 16 September 2020, Mihlali shared that she was off to pick up her mother and sister, who had arrived in Johannesburg. The makeup enthusiast was excited to be reunited with her family, after spending majority of the lockdown alone.

The last few weeks have seen a drastic change in Mihlali’s social life, as she went from longing for a man, to having a baecation in Sabi Sands with an unknown lover. Earlier in the month, she openly admitted that she was in dire need of a boyfriend during load shedding, as she felt that being alone in the dark was not for her. “I’m not gonna have electricity from 8pm till midnight, personally I need a boyfriend ASAP. I’m gonna come home and sit in the dark alone I hate it here,” she said in a tweet.” Merely a week later, she was off on a romantic safari with her new bae!

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