Mihlali Ndamase Struggles With Adult Acne

Mihlali Ndamase Struggles With Adult Acne

South African social media influencer, Mihlali Ndamase is amongst the many adults who have come across a bout of acne well-into their twenties. The added irritation of wearing a mask when leaving the house has also caused a problem for a lot of people who have found that they were getting fine pimples on the lower half of their faces.

The beauty blogger has been open and honest about her skin journey, however now that summer has approached, she is now experiencing a reaction from her temperamental skin. Further, her skin reaction couldn’t have come at a worse time as Mihlali is about to head out on a brand vacation which will see a lot of pictures being taken.

She stated, “One thing about my acne? It will come back. I’m so tired of dealing with the same thing, it’s been years. Honestly one of the most emotionally taxing journeys I’ve dealt with, the moment you’re excited about your skin clearing up something goes wrong. I’m so tired.” Fans immediately jumped to offer her some advice on what to do, however that seemed to aggravate her even more.

She responded with, “You really can’t be ignorant enough to tell someone to drink water when they’re complaining about acne, we are adults surely we know the importance of consuming water daily. Also there are different types of acne, some is genetic meaning you might have to manage it for life!”. She has also been taking alternative solutions such as birth control pills, claiming that despite her trying it three different times, nothing seems to be her.

Lady Zamar is another star who has been open about their struggles with acne, and recently share that she had finally seen some progress. In October 2020, a fan partook in the “Where It started – Where I am now” viral challenge and tagged Lady Zamar as someone who has also gone through the same issue. The Collide creator thanked her fan for being so honest and brave, something which she has advocated for throughout her career.

She stated, “I went thru this acne phase so suddenly and so publicly. it was a mess. So glad you’ve made it thru this horrible phase. I wish healing to everyone going thru this now.” She followed up with a selfie which showed her skin completely free off acne, and glowing in natural sunlight. Earlier today, Lady Zamar also promoted self-love by tweeting, “You look back and realize how much you’ve survived… and you thank God for getting you through. You are enough. You’ve always been enough.”

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