Millicent Makhado: “I Need Your Prayers”

Millicent Makhado: “I Need Your Prayers”

Former Muvhango star Millicent Makhado recently took to her social media platforms to ask her fans to pray for her.

The actress said she tested positive for COVID-19 a few days ago. She posted a picture of her getting vaccinated on Twitter.

Captioning the picture, Millicent said she was scared, “I need your prayers… 43 days ago I tested positive for covid-19 and today I finally went for the covid vaccine,” she wrote.

Fans took to the comments section to comfort the actress. Mokone responded: “Don’t worry, you will overcome, I also tested positive in June…I recovered and got my first jab last month, I am due 2nd one this month.”

Meanwhile, Millicent opened up to Daily sun about her experiences with curses and magic. She told the publication that she learned the hard way to keep her business to herself.

“A few years ago, a relative recorded someone saying I will never work again. I did struggle to get jobs and that made me realise I need to tame my tongue and not tell everyone my business. They also said I will never get married or have kids. The same year, I had a miscarriage. Today, that person is surprised I have kids,” the paper quoted her.

She said she is now more careful about things that she shares about her personal life, “Prevention is better than cure as you never break away from these things. It becomes a constant battle where you have to pray every day and cleanse yourself so you don’t seem useless at job interviews,” she said…I can’t reveal it now. I have decided I will no longer announce things prematurely,” Millicent told the publication.

Another one of our favorite actresses who recently opened up about witchcraft is Skeem Saam Star Makgofe Moagi.

During her conversation with HRH Nqobile Ike Ntanzi and tabisocial_rsa on IG Live, Makgofe detailed her experiences with witchcraft in the village where she grew up in Limpopo.

She said when she was growing up, there was vigilantism in her village where they were going after witches, “I remember, my uncle picked me and put me on his shoulders at night. Nine O’clock we are leaving our houses. I’m sure Master KG would attest to this if he was here.”

She continued to explain, “The house that we went to was literally on a mountain. So you walk up a mountain a bit. That lady had the main house and she had these rondavels. They were about three or four and when she saw the youth coming she just disappeared into the mountain. They found she had turtles. She had cats but obviously, the cat ran with her. But we never discovered where she disappeared into.”

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