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Minnie Dlamini Has A Hidden Talent

Minnie Dlamini Has A Hidden Talent

Actress and TV presenter Minenhle Dlamini Jones is a woman of many talents.

Minnie took to Instagram to share with us one of her hidden talents. She said, “If someone had to ask me who I am, I am a storyteller. It’s what I love most about life and how my ancestors passed on our history and lessons that the next generation needs to learn. I am so blessed that I get to express this passion of mine in multiple mediums.

“Here is one of my hidden (not anymore) talents. I created a beautiful story about love that transcends racial prejudice. I got to work with my genius brother @junkieflo who with a talented team of writers brought our story to life in the @kyknettv movie called PA.

“It’s always about breaking the mould and not allowing myself to be boxed into a category 🎬#StoryTeller #StoryMaker 💎”

People took to the comments to congratulate Minnie on this new venture. These were some of the reactions:

@lihlelouellafaas said, “You better work!!! So proud of you my baby”

@lindiwe_dube said, “A working woman ! Congratulations 🙏🏾♥️📿”

@marci_afrika said, “Put my reminder on for Sunday 😍😍”

@yvettemurawu2020 said, “🔥🔥❤️congratulations mama kaNetha….l must watch this”

@manuisamazing said, “Interesting. Unleashing hidden talents. Awesome. 👏”

@khanyidwane said, “Haybo!!! A multi talented queen🔥😍👏👏👏#brainsandbeauty”

@thatomoeng said, “Utterly proud of you Mimosa 👏👏👏🙌 🔥dit lyk lekker 😍”

Minnie is also one of the ZAlebs that have paid tribute to Shona Ferguson who passed on last week Friday following complications realaetd to Covid-19.

She said on Instagram, “I remember my first day on set of the Wild and the Fergusons immediately embraced me as their own. My TV Mom & Dad who were just so infectious and the funniest duo who only called each other by pet names. Naturally my pet name was born “Mouse”😂 I can hear him now as I type this with the loudest bellowing laughter that would follow each time.

“Mr Sho could talk for hours about the future of SA film & TV and it was so beautiful seeing those goals come to life. Ferguson Films are a groundbreaking production company that categorically changed the way we watch tv. You did that Mr Sho!!!

“The love that Mam Connie & Mr Sho have is a love I try to emulate in my own marriage. They showed me that my dreams and goals in the production space are attainable.

We have lost a game changer, a pioneer and a great man who showed the world how a man should love his family. #ripshonaferguson🕊💔 Hamba Kahle Baba 🙏🏾😭 @connie_ferguson Our Deepest Condolences we love you”

This is what people said under her post:

@Jasonvonberg said, “I remember being on set with you guys and the energies were just so good. A culture of learning, performing well and creating magic. Those were fond memories for me to witness and for you to be part of ❤️”

@azee_boss said, “Wow Minnie , beautiful tribute for Mr Sho. 💔🙏A game changer indeed my condolences to the Ferguson Family. 🙏”

@tinynxumalo said, “It is a great loss for South Africa and its actors/actresses, we hope that the little time you guys had with him you learnt as much as you could and you will continue his legacy for the future generations to come. My heart is bleeding, I am failing to process this, I can only imagine what the family is going through 😢😢😢”

@mwalicious_jay said, “You said it well Mrs Jones, 👏quite heartfelt and so emotional…a true legend in the film industry has fallen but his works will always speak volumes”

@lerika_kleinhans said, “😢😢😢😢😢 The pain has left us speechless but thank you for these beautiful words😢😢😢😢 Rip Uncle Sho”

@dinnywasewela said, “I loved him whole heartedly not caring whether he knew me or not or I wanted him to know is he was the best, he was the best in everything loved him then and always will love him. I am shattered”

Our hearts are still breaking at Uncle Sho’s death. We will forever miss. Congratulations to Minnie and the strides she is making. We love this for her.

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