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Minnie Dlamini’s Family Is Hungry

Minnie Dlamini’s Family Is Hungry

Various cities in the country were at a standstill following days of looting and unrest. The repercussions of these lootings are unfortunately dire and the President Cyril Ramaphosa warned us about it. As it stands, the cities that were hit most when it comes to these lootings are reportedly suffering fuel shortages as well as food.

Social media users have voiced out their concerns at how they were denied access to visiting shops to buy the basic food and necessities. Minnie Dlamini and family were the victims of this and she took to social media to share her experience.

She said her parents were not allowed to enter the suburban areas because of their race. She said they have run out of food.

“The situation in Durban is completely out of hand. My parents are not allowed to buy food in their residential area because they are black! Mom called me [and] told me they have run out of food,” she said on Instagram.

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She has also been one of the few ZAlebs who were vocal about the unrest, “It’s so easy to turn a blind eye to something that isn’t affecting you directly. But we all need to show support to KZN. My heart breaks at the local business owners who can’t recover from this, the jobs lost, the people injured, the people killed…”

She also added, “The family’s who have run out of food, the stores have been destroyed & the ones that haven’t are running low on everything. The mothers with small children who can’t get formula and nappies. The people who are ill and can’t get medication (Still covid),” said Minnie reminding people that Covid is still very much with us.

She calls for people to start praying, “The entire province waking up with fear every morning and going to bed to the sounds of bombs and gun shots. Yes we need compassion & prayers but we also need to start standing together & helping each other.”

Boity is trending on social media for also voicing out her opinion and for calling a spade, a spade. “The government does not give AF about it’s people. It’s horrifying and downright depressing! Everything we are witnessing has been a long time coming! I just wish I knew the right thing to say and how to help. Everything we are witnessing makes one feel almost debilitated. ”

“Don’t give up on South Africa. Give up on the government that failed a large majority of South Africans dismally.”

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