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Minnie Gets A Third Baby Shower

Minnie Gets A Third Baby Shower

Ever since Minnie Dlamini announced that she and her hubby Quinton are expecting their first child together, it has been raining baby showers on the mother-to-be. The television star got her first surprise baby shower in Durban organised by her family and her son’s godmother Mam Mkhize.

“My mom invited all her friends to spoil me for a surprise baby shower. She honestly went all out and I can’t be more grateful for the tribe of women that raised me and continue to love and guide me through all my stages of womanhood.” Said Mrs Jones on the beautiful gesture. “I am a Queen because I was raised by Queens and of course the ultimate QUEEN HERSELF.”

This was followed by another baby shower in Joburg where she revealed that she and Quinton are expecting a baby boy. “Then I got blessed with friendships after moving to JHB that I feel like have been in my life forever ❤️ I love you guys so much.” Said the sports presenter. “Looking back at my childhood friendships that have stood the test of time and distance. I am so blessed to have you all in my life thank you for always being there for me. In good times and bad ❤️ My baby’s aunties for LIFE.”

This morning, Minnie Dlamini revealed that she recently had a third baby shower courtesy of her in-laws, The Jones’. “Then the Joneses said let’s have baby shower number 3!!! I spent the day with all the women in my husband’s family as well as close family friends and had the most beautiful time.”

At the third baby shower, she spent time with her family and friends bonding. “All the women came together and showered me with love through their time, advice, cooking and baking Although we are from different backgrounds and cultures the family bonds are exactly the same.” She wrote. “I’m so blessed to be married into a God-fearing and loving family. #BabyJones is one lucky bugger ❤️ This season of my life I call “Abundance of Love.”

It’s great seeing Minnie this happy. The last few months haven’t been that easy for her following the passing of her younger brother. We’re looking forward to the birth of her son.

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