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Mmapitsi Introduces Her Mother

Mmapitsi Introduces Her Mother

Skeem Saam actress Mogau, who stars as Mmapitsi Magongwa in the educational drama recently took to her social media to introduce her mother to her followers.

Sharing a snap of mommy dearest, Mmapitsi said that they talk about anything and everything for hours. She also added that her mom always gives her lectures about life every time they catch up.

“Mama and I can sit and talk in the car for hours!! We literally talk about everything and everyone (yes we are gossiping) Buuuuut…she always ends up giving me a lecture about something I’m doing wrong or how I can learn from what others are doing with their lives (both good and bad), cause you know Mamas gotta keep her babies in check…. But then…after the constructive criticism, she showers me with love through affirmations and laughter as we talk about our goals and of course, the convo won’t end without us discussing the “men” in our lives” She said.

She then asked her followers to show off their moms or someone who plays that role in their lives.

“So how many of you call your grandmothers mama and your moms Sesi. Because that’s what I do. I actually call my mom sesi.” She continued. “A lot of people when they meet my mom they would not even say that she is my mom. And I call my gran mama because I would’ve been the only one calling her Koko when I was growing up so it didn’t make sense. And both my mom and my grandmother were in my life and I love them both.”

Mogau’s best friend, Amanda Manku recently celebrated her 30th birthday. Posting about it days after, she revealed that her mother had her when she was only 15-years-old, hence they gave her the name Dinamkatso.

“So 30 years ago, Friday 9th August. My mother was 15 years old at the time, gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, Me! My grandmother named me Dimakatšo (Surprise) because obviously, no one knew that 15-year-old Gladys was expecting.” She said.

Sadly, it was a bittersweet moment for her as she welcomed the dirty thirty without her mother and grandmother. She lost them this year.

“Anyway fast forward to 2021, bittersweet moments, as I celebrate the first birthday without my mother and grandmother.”

Manku and her siblings also tested for Covid-19 a couple of weeks back, so they have been quarantining the whole time. She had the worst siblings out of everybody.

“I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday this year. “There’s nothing worth celebrating”… However, 2/3 weeks before my birthday, my siblings and I tested positive for Covid-19, we all had different symptoms and some had it easier than others… Almost 30-years-old me had it hard. Was really struggling, so when I finally became covid free and could leave the house but most importantly could breath, walk around without holding onto anything and my feet weren’t swelling anymore… I realized the importance of celebrating life.”

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