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Mona Monyane gets real: Have that child for you, sis

Mona Monyane gets real: Have that child for you, sis

Actress Mona Monyane has advised women to base the decision about having children on their own desires and not on factors that are external or potentially temporary.

In a young Twitter thread, the actress advised women to have a child for themselves so that if their baby’s daddy decides to leave, they don’t take out their frustrations on the child.

“Have the baby for you, sis. They change their minds, these ones. One day they are there and the next they are not. You can’t take it out on the baby. Have that child for you. If he sticks around and pulls his weight then great, but if not, life must still go on, joyfully!”

Mona was speaking about the matter following a discussion on the TL about single mothers and absent fathers, which is unfortunately the reality for many people in the country.

Most women agreed that living in a society that has normalised women taking the responsibility for children when men decide to walk out on them, made Mona’s tweet extremely important.

They agreed that women always needed to have it at the back of their minds that society still “affords” men the luxury of checking out of parenthood.

The actress had to set the record straight after men jumped onto her TL, interpreting her tweet to mean that women needed to trap men into making babies.

“No. I’m not telling women to trap you. That would backfire on them, not you. Because you can leave whenever you want. She has to carry full term, give birth, nurse and raise that child. That would be very dumb of her, really,” she said.

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