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Money Heist EP Knocks Off Nasty C’s ZMWSP

Money Heist EP Knocks Off Nasty C’s ZMWSP

DJ Maphorisa has proven that amapiano was on a hiatus, but the popular house sub-genre is definitely making its come back to dominate the charts.

Ahead of the release of Tyler ICU and Nicole Elocin’s joint EP, “Money Heist,” DJ Maphorisa had curated his social media pages to the release of the project by the up and coming artists. He promised fans that the 13-track EP was set to be a summer smash, and it seems that he was not lying going by reviews on the EP.

The EP was released on Friday, 4 September 2020 and faced the competition of other releases like Busiswa’s “SBWL,” featuring Kamo Mphela, and Nadia Nakai’s deluxe edition of “Nadia Naked II.” While Nadia’s release had dominated the trends list on Friday, “Money Heist” came in and out of the trends list but it proved that the streets were more interested in summer anthems following DJ Maphorisa’s post about which album was dominating that digital streaming and downloading platforms.

The EP contained a sting of fan favorites like, “Bella Ciao,” featuring Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa, “My Dali,” featuring Shasha, Myztro, Mas Musiq and Thabzin SA, and “Sofa si Lahlane.” Madumane took to social media and celebrated that the album was number 1 on Apple Music’s charts. The album beat out Nasty C’s “Zulu Man With Some Power,” and the international release of Big Sean’s “Dreams,” to take the top spot.

However, it was not just DJ Maphorisa that was floored by the successful of the EP. Tyler ICU went on social media and shared his message of gratitude for the support. The upcoming and producer and DJ wrote in a tweet that, “Guys we (are) number one. Thank you so much for the support.” He went on to add that, “For all you guys downloading and streaming posting also thank you so much.”

Nicole Elocin is the mystery figure that is elusive on social media, especially on Twitter. But on Instagram she did reflect on the milestone by thanking all the contributors to the success of the album. It

The success of the album has proved that amapiano is definitely is the genre to the usher us into the New Year. The popular house sub-genre had taken a backseat with the COVID-19 and the restrictions of social distancing, but it seems that that is a thing of the past as we enter warmer time in South Ahh.

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