Mzansi Drools Over Anele’s Raunchy Snap

Mzansi Drools Over Anele’s Raunchy Snap

Anele Mdoda has been trending for the wrong reasons these past few weeks for THAT Kelly Rowland tweet. But now, sis posted a very raunchy snap that had people asking “Kelly Rowland who?” The radio presenter served with her latest picture!

Anele Mdoda was a guest on Unathi Nkayi’s Kaya FM segment called Midday Joy With Unathi. She wore a skimpy white dress and some black heels. Anele is also rocking a short hairdo and she looked amazing.

She posted a snap of her bending over as if she was looking for something in the boot of her car. We are guessing Unathi took the snap because she mentioned her in the caption. “Thank you for seeing a good set of pins when they decide to shine and then clicking.”

She then mentioned how she was headed to the gym to work her legs! Basically Anele ate the picture up. Sheesh!

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We know we might have mentioned how Anele Mdoda should just pen an apology letter because the bullying was getting out of hand. But sis can continue to mize it. Every time Kelly posts a selfie or picture, Anele gets mocked and dragged for filth.

But with this snap she proved everyone wrong. She might have also been presented an opportunity to apologize on a public platform which was Mac G’s podcast and Chill series on Channel O, but sis stuck to her guns and told people she will not retract or changer her statements.

“I don’t hate Kelly at all, I really don’t hate Kelly, I just don’t think she’s prettier than Beyoncé. There are many people you’d think are not prettier than the other one…for years Michelle was called the ugly one in Destiny’s Child, no-one batted eyelids,” she told MacG.

She was talking about a tweet from 2 years ago where she responded to a tweet from Sizwe Dlomo who said Kelly is lowkey the prettiest in Destiney’s Child. Anele disagreed with him and said, “Kelly looks amazing with make-up. Take that make-up off then it’s tickets. I have receipts,” responded Anele.

After the backlash she received, Anele still did not fold. “I didn’t say Kelly is not pretty, I said she is not the prettiest in DC in reply to a tweet. Read to understand, not to slay,” she wrote.

“She has natural swag over B but she is not the prettiest DC member,” she responded in a separate tweet. When she was advised to apologise, she said, “No. I like to trend. Keeps the bills paid. And she isn’t prettier than Beyoncé soooooo I would be lying. Have a good life,” she said at the time.

Things at some point escalated and the American’s chimed in with their name calling. They first called Anele Pumba and just recently said she looks like Anthony Anderson.

At some point, people were convinced that Kelly Rowland also threw shade at Anele by dressing in similar outfits as hers, in order to prove a point.

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