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Mzwandile Returns To The Streets

Mzwandile Returns To The Streets

Cassper Nyovest recently reported the unfortunate turn of events with the homeless boy he attempted to help, Mzwandile. It seems that Mzwandile has decided to go back to the streets after a couple of months being clean and staying rehab with the assistance of Mufasa and his team. The story marks a sad reality, which has now been proven twice over that attempting to help someone off the streets is challenge because they will miss them sooner or later.

If you do not know where the story of Cassper Nyovest and Mzwandile started, here is a quick recap. Cassper as part of his latest release, “Any Minute Now (A.M.N)” had a snippet that he used from a viral video of a homeless young man who turned out to be Mzwandile. As part of the promotional trail for his album’s release Cassper found Mzwandile and invited him over to his beach house with a private beach to spend time with his family. Mzwandile might have been lucky enough to see Simba too.

But it seems that in an effort to ensure that Mzwandile gets off the streets and starts becoming an economically participating member of the country. The implication of the desire was to attempt to get Mzwandile off his dependency over narcotics, and ensure that he can manage his addiction. But Cassper has since revealed that Mzandile, who is 21 years old has opted to go back to the streets. In a detailed thread Cassper opens up about the journey his team and him embarked on with Mzwandile before he opted to go back to the streets.

His starts off by explaining:

“(It) saddens me to have to post that after such a massive effort by myself, my team and the incredible Yolanda ‘Toni’, Mzwandile has decided to go back to the streets. He had been clean of all substances for just over two months and making good progress at a rehab center we had found for him.”

In the following post Mufasa discusses the limitations they faced from prohibiting Mzwandile from leaving by writing:

“(I) truly wish I could do something else to help (Mzwandile), but Yolanda, my team and I have tried all we could. Mzwandile is 21 years old, we cannot fight or force him to do anything (he does not want to do). Thank you to Yolanda for her sacrifice and continued effort to change Mzwandile’s life, thanks to everyone who responded when I asked for help to reach out the first time.”

He then concludes that thread by explaining the significance of meeting Mzwandile, and what he hopes the young man finds in the future. Cassper then received kudos from his followers for at least trying to help Mzwandile.

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