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Nadia Nakai Gets Dragged Into Cassper’s Beefs

Nadia Nakai Gets Dragged Into Cassper’s Beefs

Even after departing from Cassper Nyovest’s record label, Nadia Nakai is still getting dragged into his affairs. Nadia left Cassper’s stable Family Tree this year to be her own boss and stand on her own two feet, but now after Speedsta’s rant about him, many are questioning if he is a good person.

Whilst everybody was left puzzled and saddened by the passing of three Amapiano muso’s in a car accident which saw 5 people losing their lives, Speedsta had to get something out of his chest.

The Hip Hop DJ went for Cassper Nyovest and called him a weak and soulless person. “I’m sorry I need to let something off my chest. Take it as you want. Cassper Nyovest is weak!!! No soul, no nothing. Tag him if you want Let him know Lesego thinks zero of him, & Lesego know him long time. You’re weak Refiloe!!!” he said.

He then continues to rip into Cassper, explaining why he thinks Cass is weak, “And to you people that always talk nonsense behind a screen. Year after year, Cassper is always in some “News” Always the victim. Always putting out good energy & doesn’t understand why people “hate he’s success” I’m personally done with he’s nonsense. Know the man (cont),” he stated.

“For years. Many years that is. He has no soul, will die for showbiz, That’s why he will do whatever just to be on “top” In my opinion – You are the weakest SA Hip Hop as ever seen!!! And you’re supposed to be a role model!! Shame on you. Have a heart!!!”

Cassper saw his tweet and expressed how disappointed he is about Speedsta and asked them to sort their issues out in the ring. “This is so disappointing for me cause you used to pick me up in your A3 when I had nothing. Today I have made something of myself & you turned sour cause I outshined those you thought deserved it more than me. I keep saying, if you have something to say to me meet me in the ring.”

Speedsta then responded by saying, “Listen to my radio show. I asked him about that & he said he regretted it. Cassper said “Forget about that, let’s get in the ring” I can pull the clip out. I’ve always been fair. I think Cassper Nyovest is the weakest SA Hip Hop has ever seen. Let me think that. You, do you?”

Whilst others were ripping into Speedsta, one questioned why he feels that way and whether Nadia Nakai also shares the same sentiments. “DJ Speedsta has a point. Ya’ll need ask yourselves why is everyone leaving Cassper, even Nadia Nakai that has always been behind Cass her entire career left him. Clearly that guy is a problem,” he said.

But Nadia left Family Tree on her own accord and said Cassper was disappointed but he eventually got over it.

Tweeps even went on to mention that Cassper had a fall out with other artists including Okmalumkoolkat, Tshego and Ricky Rick.

In a previous interview with Khuli Chana on his music talk show on Trace called The Originators, Nadia revealed that she is probably the reason AKA and Cassper do not get along.

Speedsta’s rant stems from the fact that Cassper took over AKA’s Braai show behind his back. They are enemies after all.

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