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Nandi Madida On Her Conversation With Twitter CEO

Nandi Madida On Her Conversation With Twitter CEO

Nandi Madida has recently revealed that she had engaged with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, saying she was deeply honoured to speak with him. She revealed this after releasing her song which inspires body positivity, Organic.
“I had the honour of speaking to CEO and Co-founder of twitter @Jack about a month ago (I still can’t believe it) and it’s just beautiful to see the Global community he’s created with Twitter. Today I experienced how small the world can be with the release of Organic. Big up bro,” she wrote.

Jack has also had a conversation with media personality, Bonang Matheba and they also reportedly met in person. Bonang expressed how exciting it was for her.

Bonang was seen hanging out with Twitter CEO and co-founder, Jack Dorsey, at #OneTeam 2020 Conference. She was invited as one of the guest speakers along side fellow panelists author, Shea Serrano, and actress and media personality, Jameela Jamil.

“It is such an honour to be in a room with unique and great voices who shape powerful conversations that are important and interesting. This has definitely given me a new perspective on connecting with people all around the world,” Bonang was quoted saying.

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Nandi Madida’s latest release is produced by her husband, Zakes Bantwini, and it was also co-written by her 3-year-old son Organic. The musician shared that the single is dedicated to the late Sara Baartman, and speaks about the authenticity of African bodies whilst promoting self-love.

“My new single ORGANIC is dedicated to the late Sara Baartman who was born in South Africa. We see her body being appropriated in mainstream media, but she was never celebrated but rather tortured and abused for her African curves that you see so many emulating today. OUR ANCESTOR went through so much,” she wrote. “The reason I wrote #Organic is because African women have been Appropriated but never appreciated. Everything we have is organic and we are truly magic. This single is dedicated to Sara Baartman.”

In her movement to really start a trend where women of all shapes and sizes embrace their bodies, she has urged her female followers to re-create her single cover, using bedsheets. Her followers have been posting such pictures and the musician proudly re-posts them.

The Black Is King Star recently signed to SONY Music and Organic is her first single since signing to the label. Her announcement was coupled with a snippet from her interview interview with Slikour. She discussed the extent of her partnership with Sony Music, hoping that her fans would appreciate the new direction she has decided to take with her career.

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