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Nelisiwe’s Rags To Riches Story

Nelisiwe’s Rags To Riches Story

We often hear many rags to riches stories from celebrities who have had their big break. Often times, people do not associate hard work with pretty women saying they had it very easy. They call it pretty privilege. With Durban Gen’s Nelisiwe Faith Sibiya though, she did not have it easy.

The beautiful Durban Gen actress took to social media to share her story of how she suffered as she worked very hard to get her big break. Nelisiwe worked as a promoter at first before getting into acting. She said during her promoter days, she had to sleep in bathrooms for 6 months trying to make ends meet.

“One day, I’ll tell you a story of how I used to sleep in the bathroom for six months at the Glen Mall working as a promoter. Ei Ngoba ngibuya kude ngizama impilo (I have come a long way trying to make things work),” she wrote on Instagram.

She then added that they work so hard trying to provide for their families but there are people who do not have a problem with trying to steal their work. “Ngoba kade sizama impilo, bese there are people who would want to just take that away from us!! Sisebenzela imindeni yethu (we are working for out families.)

In her comments section a friend of hers reflected on their trying times saying Nelisiwe was also on a mission to build her mother a house, “I remember meeting you in those promotion days working at clicks carnival mall that day.

“You just took me back. I was hustling as a songwriter, we spoke about music the whole day! And I won’t forget how you also spoke so often about your mum and the house you were building for her. You’re such a gem. I’m forever routing for you,” wrote Thobile Dladla.

Nelisiwe responded by saying she used to work for R50 for five hours, “Omg!! I remember very well! In those promotions I’d earn R50 rand an hour and work for 5 hours. Yaz when I look back it’s like I am dreaming. Yoh I have a lot to share about my journey. Thank you sis.”

Others commended her on her efforts to make a living for herself. She is an inspiration to many people and they showered her with love.

“Yazi on Wednesday I was watching you on Durban Gen and I remembered an article I read about you. Neli yabona sometimes I want to give up in life, then I look at your journey of how you suffered before making it big. Then I realise that I also have to suffer before making it big.

“I remember meeting you back in 2013 at the Jaziel Brothers show, I think you were with Giya Africa then. I am proud to see how you have excelled and found success. All the best Nelisiwe.

“I love this my sister, I was thinking about how people like flashing material things and forget people are going through A lot and reading this they will know they are not alone…mina ngaxoshwa ekhaya with a 9month old baby,200rand in my purse and nowhere to go..my daughter is 9years this year we’ve been through alot…Keep going guys.”

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