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Ngizwe Mchunu Wants Mnakwethu Sacked!

Ngizwe Mchunu Wants Mnakwethu Sacked!

Forthright media personality Ngizwe Mchunu is fed up by Mzansi Magic’s most resented reality show Mnakwethu. The former radio presenter was heard discrediting the reality show saying enough is enough and it should be sacked.

Ngizwe Mchunu is known for not mincing his words especially when it comes to matters he is most compassion about. The man is proud of his culture and it shows. So when a show seeks to apparently taint the Zulu culture, he could not keep quiet any longer and has come out to drag the show, especially the host Musa Mseleku for filth.

A voice note of Ngizwe Mchunu speaking to a Jamludi has made rounds on social media.. In the voice note Ngizwe can be heard slamming Musa Mseleku for allowing broke men who live in shacks, want to enter into polygamy.

“We cannot keep quiet whilst our tribe is being destroyed like this, I am hurt. We can’t be working this hard to uplift our culture and the importance of it only for some businessman to come and make fun of our Zulu culture,” he said.

He continues by saying the men who approach the reality show are only looking for fame as they could be aspiring Maskandi artists, because not one of them are married to the women they want to make isisthembu (polygamy) with.

He then slams the production house as well for allowing women to get embarrassed in that nature all for show. Ngizwe slams the men also for wanting to enter polygamy where as they live in shacks and do not even have land.

Ngizwe then threatened to tell on Mseleku and DSTV to the Zulu King because of their disrespect.

“We cannot be working this hard to teach children to respect and carry themselves in an appropriate manner, only for them to promote vat en sit, and disguising it as isithembu. This is disgusting,” he continues.

Ngizwe is not the first person and definitely will not be the last to call out Mnakwethu for this and a whole lot of other reasons. Defending his show a while back, Mseleku says it does not disrespect women whatsoever, in fact he says they are empowering them.

Mseleku is married to four women Musa Mseleku and is a proud polygamist. He told SowetanLive, “Mnakwethu will always prove how powerful women are because it is not easy to do this alone. Men have to ask me to assist because it is difficult to approach women about such matters. It just shows that women have power. Men love their women so much that they don’t want to lose them.”

“Mnakwethu wants to change how the public perceives isithembu and it will reach a point where the society will see it as normal. For now I don’t expect the public to understand it. We are expecting a lot of criticism from the public.”

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