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Nonhle Thema Says She Has Does Not Have Dreams Anymore

Nonhle Thema Says She Has Does Not Have Dreams Anymore

Mzansi’s former it-girl Nonhle Thema has said that she is done dreaming about things she can do or do better because she has done it all.

Nonhle took to Instagram to express her emotions following her downfall. She said, “My focus when I was young was to be a TV star and I ended up being a global star. I’m content now cos all my dreams happened in my 20s. I sometimes feel I have no dreams cos I smashed them all in my 20s. I’m now just living. I have different dreams now as I head to 40. I did it all in my 20sm nothing new to me now”

This post has since been deleted but here is a screenshot below of the original post.

Nonhle took a break from the entertainment industry and only came back last year after she bagged a role on Mzansi Magic’s number one show, Gomora.

Gomora were treated to Nonhle’s character, Cleopatra Mofokeng who was a 30-year-old , skillful, untrustworthy and manipulative con-artist from Gauteng, who was poverty-stricken growing up. Her mother worked as a domestic worker and her father worked as a gardener.

She and her siblings lived in an RDP house which Cleo inherited. This caused her and her siblings to fight amongst each other as they never understood why she inherited the house.

Using her beauty as her weapon to scheme men, she also tricked people into joining her pyramid schemes then later stealing their money.

Nonhle’s career took a hard knock in 2011 when she started engaging with twitter trolls, up until that point, Nonhle was South Africa’s sweetheart who could do no wrong. She popularized the term “Sit Down”, for the longest time, Nonhle was the Queen of clapping back, she would clap-back at anyone whether they were famous or not.

Talking about Bonang, yesterday, Ntsiki Mazwai came for the people’s fav and Bonang’s BFF Babalwa Mneno did not let this one go willy nilly.

Ntsiki claimed that Bonang is not a true reflection of what black excellence is as she does not own the brands she associates herself with, i.e. House of BNG. This week, Ntsiki chose violence as she called Bonang a marketing gimmick for the real owners of House Of BNG, which she claims are white people.

“Believing Bonang owned the wine (House Of BNG) was like believing she owned Revlon….She is just the marketing gimmick to sell these products. Not the owner,” she said.

She then went on to explain what a real entrepreneur is, “Entrepreneurship is what I’m doing with my beadwork…. Where I own the whole value chain for my product and make ALL the decisions. Pricing, marketing, design, pay workers. Everything. It is not this cut and paste your name onto other people’s products,” she wrote.

Babalwa Mneno, Blackbarbielish on Instagram, clapped back at Ntsiki and called her a loser. She commented on an IG post and said that Ntsiki is STILL having nightmares about Bonang 10 years later. She then asked if Bonang is the only black person to not fully own their own wine or alcohol brand asking why Ntsiki always attacks her.

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