Ntiski Mazwai Apologises To Lady Zamar And Stands Behind #SueUsAll

Ntsiki Mazwai is currently at the center of a media storm as the social media streets share their varying opinions on her. The acclaimed poet recently revealed that the rape accusations which she had leveled against media veteran, DJ Fresh, were actually false.

The revelation led to DJ Fresh to allegedly seek legal action against Ntsiki Mazwai for falsely accusing him. But the matter took on a life of its own when women suggested that one false story does not change the fact that South Africa is one of the biggest rape capitals in the world, therefore the story of one “made up” story does not negate the thousands of true rape stories.

This is how #SueUsAll was born; from women taking a stand and suggesting if legal action is taken against Ntsiki Mazwai than sue all women that have accused men of rape, until they are proven guilty. It was this epiphany that led to Ntsiki apologizing to Lady Zamar on Twitter for suggesting that she lied about her accusations about her ex, Sjava.

The matter is ongoing as social media is divided. First by the callous way that the media is reporting the story because it is Ntsiki Mazwai that has ruffled more than a few feathers herself. Secondly, because of the precedent it might set if the rumors of legal action taken by DJ Fresh are true.

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