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Ntsiki Mazwai Almost Calls The Police On Christians

Ntsiki Mazwai Almost Calls The Police On Christians

Ntsiki Mazwai has never been one to shy away from ruffling feathers when there is cause. But it seems that the even the controversial and polarizing poet knows not to mess with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, no matter if they are breaking COVID-19 regulations and restrictions.

It seems that the poet had discarded farm life to revisit the streets that in part informed her early childhood upbringing, Soweto. The star was in South Africa’s biggest township and learnt one thing about Sowetans that love the Man upstairs- that come rain, shine or the minor matter of the lockdown curfew- that they will praise the Man upstairs regardless.

It seems that is what Mamiya experienced, when she realized that way after the curfew had ended, that there was a congregation next door to her family home that was still in praise. The congregation was breaking the curfew by hosting a vigil that went well into the A.Ms, and it seems that the Ntsiki was almost trigger happy , and ready to dial Bheki Cele and tell him that there was something going on.

However, it seems that Ntsiki thought better of her actions and decided that when in Rome- let the Romans praise as and how they chose. The story was a humorous story that drew laughter from most of her followers, who interacted with Ntsiki with as much humor as she intended the story to have. The exchange and dialogue provided proof that even Ntsiki can let her dreadlocks down and just have fun with her followers.

But that is not say that the influencer and thought leader in her own right has deviated from using her platform to highlight injustices. As proof, is that the sexual assault survivor or champion has announced that she is set to go live on Sunday, 22 November 2020, to have an open discussion on rape. Her post made it clear that no disrespect or misogyny will be allowed during the live. And if there is one person that can moderate disrespect is our fave poet.

Ntsiki’s history with sexual assault on social media has been arguably a representation of how we have all needed to check our own prejudices and misconceptions. And when we have erred that it is okay to take onus and accept responsibility for having perpetuated a narrative that might have not been intended with what was said before.

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