Ntsiki Mazwai says she’ll never respect Sizwe Dhlomo

Ntsiki Mazwai says she’ll never respect Sizwe Dhlomo

Outspoken poet Ntsiki Mazwai made it clear that she’ll never have respect for Sizwe Dhlomo.

The radio personality has been rubbing up a lot of people the wrong way with his various views on trending topics on social media.

An old clip resurfaced of Dhlomo during a BBC interview where he says that in South Africa if you’re black then you’re better off.

Commenting on the clip, Mazwai said: “this was the most idiotic representation.”

Mazwai goes on to explain that when Dhlomo dragged his parents into one of his Twars, she lost respect for him.

“When Sizwe called his parents to solve his Twitter wars…. He lost respect.

That’s why he is catching so many Ls lately,” she posted.

Furthermore, she mentioned that there was no beef between them until Dlhomo disrespected her out of the blue, “unprovoked”.

Stating that she loves how tweeps constantly bait him and enjoys seeing the “brat being humbled”.

“I never used to tweet about Sizwe until the day … out the blue unprovoked … He will never have my respect.

“I will continue to laugh at him and enjoy the brat being humbled,” she added.

Mazwai also called him out for using her for clout and said: “He is just a fool who was trying to gain clout by involving me in his attention-seeking … Because he is an empty vessel who has survived on yellow-bone privilege and good English.”

This is not the first time Dhlomo has rubbed Mzansi celebrities up the wrong way. Earlier this year, he also got into a spat with AKA over the Fela In Versace rapper’s Reebok partnership that ended on a sour note.

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