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Ntsiki Mazwai Thinks Thuso Mbedu Is Overhyped

Ntsiki Mazwai Thinks Thuso Mbedu Is Overhyped

Ntsiki Mazwai has come for South Africa’s darling on Twitter and people are dragging her all the way to the bins.

Ntsiki took to Twitter this morning to express what a lot of people did not take kindly to.

She said, “Guys I have a confession to make…Amanda Black gives me goosebumps…but Thuso Mbedu doesn’t AT ALL. AT ALL. I think she is over hyped only cos she is in America. I apologize to all those I offend”

A number of people seemed to be sharing Ntsiki’s sentiments but some felt like Ntsiki was dragging Thuso down which is unwelcome seeing that it is women’s month. These were some of the reactions:

“Shouldve stopped at Goosebumps Aus Ntsiki…this are kind of the thing that affect one’s self esteem…let’s think before we tweet. There’s a reason why she’s in America…Even the fact that this post is from a woman to a woman…we can do better”

“Ausi Ntsiki, Thuso Mbedu is young and she can use your support as a big sister. Ladies odds are against you, please support each other”

“I think kulungile eOverhyped. The hype comes from us being proud. We did it for Theron and Noah, let’s keep the same energy. Between all of our exports I think she reps the hood more. She doesn’t have to mention any hood for us to make the connection. She is us and she’s dope”

“I don’t think many are hearing you. You are not referring to just talent (singing or acting) but more of what each brand stands for. From your previous tweets, you have always been about what people stand for. And anyway, it is purely your preference and not a contest”

“I loved Thuso up until that interview, where she sounded fake, I still love some of her but not as much. I didn’t care much abt Amanda until the recent events in SA, She came out and spoke truth! I respect and love her from here on!”

“You really amuse yourself sheem Nontsikelelo. Bese uthi we should be kind to you when you can’t be kind to others. Thuso is not overhyped, she worked hard for all her roles. Xabethihlamba siyanqanda kuba we believe uyahlamba. Check your heart boo, bitter vibes”

“Amanda gives me goosebumps too, Bold, talented, super voice, amazing writer.,but what makes Thuso more potent is that she on a global stage and talented. As far as I remember you have always had issues with light skin privilege. Check her performance on isithunzi”

“Haii Queen its women ‘s month let’s celebrate all women, I understand why you relate more with Amanda but that should not take away what Thuso is.She is a brilliant actress and her being in America comes with her profession”

“Stop bullying abanye abantwana, we don’t engage to things by how others want us to be. #thusombedu you’re the best, #AmandaBlack you’re the best”

“Thuso Mbedu liqanda she was gonna be successful no matter what, I mean she studied at New York Film School before she landed roles in SA. Uyayazi ibhotolo? Amanda uyazithetha ke yena iingxaki zethu, she relates to imeko”

Ntsiki said that she is teaching people to stand up for what they believe in, “I hope I am training you guys to have differing opinions proudly…The sheep mentality thing is not ok”

Thuso Mbedu and Amanda Black are both amazing creatives and they do so well in their respective paths. Even though Amanda is currently speaking on the societal issues affecting South Africa, that does not mean Thuso should be as woke. We should respect that we are all not strong in one thing and that is okay.

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