Ntsiki On Sizwe: He Will Never Have My Respect

Ntsiki On Sizwe: He Will Never Have My Respect

Controversial media personality, Ntsiki Mazwai, has never been one to mince her words, nor has she been one to join in on a conversation that has literally nothing to do with her. Whilst most of her interactions have been based on her personal views on particular subjects, it appears as though Sizwe Dhlomo’s past opinions have irked her again.

In a long Twitter thread on Friday, 30 October 2020, Ntsiki looked back on Sizwe’s comment that claimed Black South Africans have it better than any other race in the country. Referencing the tweet, which was made back in May 2020, she stated, “This was the most idiotic representation. When Sizwe called his parents to solve his Twitter wars…. He lost respect. That’s why he is catching so many Ls lately.” It’s no secret that she has never taken a liking to Sizwe, and now she is out right stating that she has no respect for him at all.

Tweeps began to question her one her need to drag Sizwe for no apparent reason, causing her to say, “I never used to tweet about Sizwe until the day engidelela out the blue unprovoked… He will never have my respect. I will continue to laugh at him and enjoy the brat being humbled. He is just a fool who was trying to gain clout by involving me in his attention seeking……. Because he is an empty vessel who has survived on yellow bone privilege and good English”.

Her “yellow-bone” comment opened up a can of worms on her Twitter page, with many questioning her one why she had begun segregating black people based on their skin tone, when they were already under so much of oppression. As the hate began rolling in, she ordered her followers to either unfollow her or they will straight-up be blocked. Those who were tagging Sizwe in her comments were also on the verge of being cancelled, as she stated that she would not tolerate him being brought onto her Twitter page. “I block for tagging… Pls don’t repeat this. You needing his validation shouldn’t affect me.”, she stated.

Back in May, when her hatred toward Sizwe was rife, Ntsiki took to her YouTube page, ‘Conversations With Ntsiki Mazwai’ to lambast the media personality for bullying youngsters such as AKA instead of looking to be a bigger brother.

Before she gave her unsolicited opinion, MaMiya started off by saying how she has been bullied for many years on social media and nobody has bothered to stand up for her. Because of that, she says she owes nobody her loyalty when it comes to that space.

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