Ntsiki Says Lightskin Men Are Unattractive

Ntsiki Says Lightskin Men Are Unattractive

If there is a celebrity Mzansi could crown the most audacious, the title would go to Ntsiki Mazwai. The musician and poet stays stirring up controversy in many ways and steps on many toes when she does so. The conversation around dark skin and light skin is one she is very passionate about as a person but in true Ntsiki style, she has to offend a few people here and there to get her point across.

Ntsiki has boldly stated that she does not find light skinned men attractive. “I don’t find yellow men attractive,” she stated. Many of the light skinned and other shades of men stormed her comments section and expressed how displeased they were of Ntsiki’s statement.

She is madly in love with her new man, and even though she keeps things very private, one thing’s for sure, he is no yellow bone. She revealed this whilst on a getaway with her bae as they spent an intimate weekend together in Johannesburg at Woodlands Day Spa in Muldersdrift.

“Find someone who will treat you the way you deserve…The end. Guys he found me happy he didn’t bring the happiness. He brought his happiness and I brought mine and our happiness mixed together to make happy us,” she said.

Mamiya also revealed that she is happy, “Guys he found me happy, he didn’t bring the happiness. He brought his happiness and I brought mine and our happiness mixed together to make happy us.”

The poet might be madly in love, she however does not see a forever with her bae, or anyone for that matter. She revealed that she has no desires of being anybody’s wife nor does she want to be any body’s mother. “Guys I don’t pray for a husband and kids……it’s not a desire for me. I do pray for travel and abundance and that’s the life I live,” she shared.

The poet has always been trolled by people on social media asking her when is she getting a man and settling down. These insults have been hurled at her every time she touches a nerve and says something controversial.

Ntsiki gained little remorse from people when she revealed that she was in an abusive friendship with an older woman who lived with her in a farm. Mazwai’s move to the rural areas was short lived after the woman she was living with emotionally and financially abused her.

“I started watching myself deteriorate into an abused woman tip toeing and always making sure I buy weed and beer so I don’t get abused…. And tip toeing upstairs because the wooden floors were too loud for her. I left with the clothes on my back,” she revealed. “Actually, I have a tendency of being abused by older women…… That’s my toxic cycle.”

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