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Nyaniso And His Wife Welcome Their Baby

Nyaniso And His Wife Welcome Their Baby

A couple of months ago we reported that talented Actor Nyaniso Dzedze and his wife Yana Seidl Dzedze were pregnant. And just a couple of hours ago Nyaniso confirmed that they have just welcomed their bundle of joy.

According to his post on social media, they were taking a walk to get some fresh air as they had been locked inside the house for long. As they were walking and she was recalling a story about her parents, that is when she fell into labour.

“Two days ago she asked to take a walk with her because she was tired of being couped in the house…

“While walking she then commenced with telling me a story about how her mum had said the same thing to her dad when she was pregnant with her. and that same night her mum fell into labour.”

Nothing could’ve prepared him for this. He has read all the books, listened to all the podcasts and watched all the videos. “Long story short after that walk I BECAME a DAD. All the books, YouTube videos and podcasts couldn’t prepare me for this. I’m elated, in awe and can’t believe the wonder of God and the human being.” Said Nyaniso.

The couple has always stressed the importance of high-quality communication in relationships.

“It’s about allowing high-quality communications. It’s about allowing yourself to recognise communications and understand the recipe for communication well enough to move all the way through to a shared experience in whatever is being communicated.” Said Yana in an Instagram video.

“For us, at the foundation of how we relate to each other. We always try and communicate with the source. And I think that something that people need to value first within themselves and then share between themselves and the next person is are you are communicating to your core. To your soul, to your spirit, to God. To God, within you, that is also connected to the source of God that has then manifested itself within you.” Said Nyaniso in part.

Taking to Instagram in June 2021, the actor revealed that their relationship is not perfect.

“I always make a point of communicating how imperfect humans Mrs Dzedze and I are. I always want people to know that it’s often a winding road for us too in relationship.” He posted.

HOWEVER…I can’t pretend that along the way we haven’t learned things that make our relationship a lot more wholesome, easy, and a lot more joy than tribulations. We’ve learned that at the heart of it all is high-quality communication, something none of us are taught but are expected to know.”

He believes that poor communication is one of the reasons most relationships fail.

“And boy is it messy, painful and heartbreaking when people that care about each don’t know how to communicate. So when we learned what we now teach and heal others through it changed everything.

“We talk safely about EVERYTHING, come to understandings about everything… And without world War breaking Out.”

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