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Patoranking speaks about dabbling in amapiano and his new album

Patoranking speaks about dabbling in amapiano and his new album

Nigerian superstar Patoranking has released his highly anticipated third studio album “THREE” via Amari Musiq and U.S indie giant Empire.

The twelve-track album is a sonic delight with remarkable features with the likes of Flavour, Kenya’s Sauti Sol, Ghana’s King Promise and frequent collaborator Tiwa Savage.

“THREE” follows the successful release of his 2019 album “Wilmer”. We caught up with the star.

Tell us about “THREE”, when did you start working on it and how did it come about?

Three is said to be my best project yet. It’s musically rich and meant to leave you with a sense of excitement, fun and lots of love.

It’s my third studio album in my third decade on earth; a different side to the Patoranking you have grown to love from “God Over Everything” to “Wilmer” and now “THREE“ – The kid from the Ghetto to the Youth who found fame and now to the man who has learnt many things and just wants to make an impact, touch lives and make timeless classics.

I started working on “THREE“ during the lockdown although few songs off it were conceptualized and written before the pandemic struck.

As much as we were all down in spirit, it would have been compounding to make sad songs also.

We were at the front lines helping to give relief to those affected by the ripple effects of the pandemic and all I saw were a people who needed hope, who were tired of hiding, tired of crying and needed more than the food we gave to them.

“THREE“ came about wanting to remind them of who they are, that things would be better and that they must have a reason to go on living and also feel some fun and happiness despite all the negativity around us.

My head was full of different emotions.

There was a lot in the news also at the time about colourism and the chaos of racism around the world amidst the pandemic and this also triggered a lot I had to say.

Also, I did a lot of backtracking to when I was still growing up in the ghetto and lots more. So yeah, a lot of different emotions.

What was the production phase of this album like?

It was interesting. We isolated ourselves by creating a music camp where all we did was make music so it was great bonding time. I have an amazing team.

How would you describe the lyrical content of this album?

I would describe it as lyrically intentional. I meant everything I sang and didn’t just string words only because they rhymed or because it sounded nice.

I had a lot to say, still do but it’s a 12 track album.

Is there a particular theme and if so what is it?

I wrote this album during this lockdown and just like you all, everything slowed down for us artists. I was forced to pause and look within.

And with all the happenings of police brutality, losing loved ones, black women feeling unloved, our uncertain future, I wanted to give you music that made you feel the love in your heart, happiness and also music that made you think about life itself. LOVE, LIFE, HAPPINESS that is the theme for this album.

You have an amapiano inspired song on this album, how did that come about?

“Nobody” was a late addition to the album you know. If you’ve followed my music, you know I love and I’m inspired by South African music and there was no way I was not going to give you a touch of that.

How different is Three to your previous offerings?

Three is different. It’s my third album, I’m in a great space. Not to say I wasn’t during my first two but they say good things come in Threes.

What do you hope people take away from this album?

I want them to feel love, happy and to feel alive

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