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Pearl And Her Daughter Get Facials

Pearl And Her Daughter Get Facials

Pearl Thusi and her daughter Thando were mommy-daughter goals as she took her out for a facial. Taking to her Instagram stories, the Queen Sono star said: “It’s facial day for me and my baby girl. So she does a peel and extractions because teenage life is wav. But you looking better now. Show them quickly honey. How good are you looking? Her skin was low key suffering. Maybe not low key.

Pearl asked the doctor about what they were doing today and she responded by saying the following. “So we are going to do a nice decongesting peel for Pearl. It’s not just going to help us treat the bit of break that she has, which is a bit subtle.” She said.

“It’s going to brighten the skin and just give it that beautiful rejuvenated look and glow so that we can do something a little bit stronger in a few days.”
Pearl has a toxic relationship with Twitter. In a tweet that has since been deleted, the actress said that people always choose to see the worst in her.

“With how people always choose to see the worst in me – it’s a miracle I’ve survived all the emotional turbulence I’ve experienced outside of it as well. I’ve deleted the tweet because I’m really in a good place and I don’t mean to upset people”

The Queen Sono actress added that just because she does not share her grief on social media does not mean that she doesn’t experience it.

“I’ve also experienced loss and pain during this pandemic. Do I share all of it? No. Does it mean I don’t relate? No. I didn’t come here for a fight or to be called names. I won’t be baited anymore. Cancel me. Make me fall. It’s all the same to me. Only God and Myself, my family and friends, and those who support me are responsible for my success and joy. The rest is noise. I pray nothing but abundance and happiness for you all.”

“But because focusing on the negative is a priority on this app…For those offended, or think I’m careless… what I mean is, for those who can, I hope they do find peace, enjoy spending time at home, working, spending time with family, meditating, and find the good in what lockdown can also offer.”

In June Pearl revealed that she had lost a loved one. “We still can’t believe you’re gone. It’s unbelievable. An incredible father, brother, husband and friend.” She wrote.

“Spending time with your 4 beautiful children during this time was heartbreaking because the gap you’ve left in their hearts is huge. You were an ever-present loving father, something I know you will be even in spirit and as your sisters and cousins – we hope to try and be there as their pillars through their lives to honour you.”

Concluding her heartfelt post, she thanked her dear brother for all the beautiful moments he brought into her life. “Thank you for all the laughter, kindness, advice and support in all of our good and bad times. You’ll always be loved and remembered. Ulale ngokuthula Bhuti wethu. Asisoze sikukhohlwe. RIP.”

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