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Pearl Modiadie Biography: From Dieting As A Teenager, To Rocking Our Screens

Pearl Modiadie Biography: From Dieting As A Teenager, To Rocking Our Screens

Pearl Modiadie has been a presenter for more than a decade, yet she used to be a shy Child.

She overcame her lack of confidence after a chance encounter with a casting agent catapulted her into the spotlight.

Pearl has amassed millions of devoted followers since her debut as a teenager – 3.2 million on Instagram alone – and some have gone to great lengths to impress her.

A song about her was written by an aspiring singer named Jack.

On Twitter, Jack stated, “She had an influence in my life.” The gesture was praised as “lovely” by Pearl.

Pearl Modiade Stand On Alcohol Prohibition

Early 2020, Pearl Modiadie addressed President Cyril Ramaphosa’s speech, which announced that the alcohol restriction would be repealed.

On her radio show, Pearl expressed her concerns, claiming that the country was not ready to take on that burden, especially after being deprived for so long.

Many of her listeners questioned her claims on Twitter, with many of them informing her about the illegal trade that is taking place as a result of the prohibition.

Was Pearl correct, or should the prohibition be lifted?

Pearl Modiade Age

On December 29, 1987, Pearl Modiadie was born. In 2021, she will be 34 years old. Pearl always had a great time on her birthday. Her 30th birthday was spent in the Philippines with her then-fiancé, Nkululeko Buthelezi.

Pearl Modiadie Education

Pearl, who went to a catholic school, was an outstanding student. Her impoverished upbringing, she claims, inspired her.

“…the reason I excelled at school was that I saw how I grew up and I knew the only way to get out and create a better life for me was through applying myself at school,” she told Nicky.

Norkem Park High School in Kempton Park was where Pearl finished her secondary school studies. She subsequently went on to Rosebank College to pursue a diploma in Media Studies and Journalism. She received her diploma in 2009.

Pearl Modiadie Family

Pearl Modiadie is a South African actress who was born in Johannesburg. She was raised in the settlement of Thembisa, in Ivory Park. Pearl claimed in an interview with Nicky Greenwall of The Close Up that she grew up in a shack.

When she was nine years old, she moved out of the shanty to live with her grandmother.

Pearl Modiaidie is the family’s middle child. She is the youngest of two sisters. Pearl and her father have a tight relationship. After her mother, Nondlala Paulinah Modiadie, died, their bond grew stronger. Pearl was 19 years old when Nondlala died.

“I live to make you proud. Always in my heart,” she wrote about her mom on Instagram in 2016.

Pearl Modiadie Career

Pearl Modiadie’s career in the entertainment industry began when she was seen as a teen and invited to be an extra on a show by a casting agency.

Pearl had her first big TV break on the set of the children’s show Craze. Her success was aided by her appearance on the e.TV show. She went on to develop and host Sistahood, a popular show on the channel.

Come Duze, Expresso, Raw Silk, and Zaziwa are some of Pearl’s previous TV appearances. She is presently one of South Africa’s most in-demand presenters. Pearl has been asked to speak at prestigious events including the South African Film and Television Awards and the Crown Gospel Music Awards.

Rhythm City, Ambitions, Generations, and Scandal! have all featured Pearl Modiadie. She also appeared in the eighth season of Strictly Come Dancing.

At YFM, she began her professional radio career. She was a part of the station’s staff until 2013. She went on to work as a radio host for Metro FM, one of South Africa’s most popular stations.

Pearl Modiadie is a well-paid MC as well. She was asked to MC the Sunday Times Generation Next awards in 2006, making her the event’s youngest host. She was 19 years old at the time.

Pearl Modiadie & Nkululeko Buthelezi

Nkululeko Buthelezi, Pearl Mdodiadie’s boyfriend, announced their relationship in 2015.

Following a romantic helicopter trip in Zambia, Nkululeko got down on one knee and proposed to Pearl. Pearl called off their wedding in 2017 after two years of their engagement.

Pearl Modiadie and her businessman fiancé Nkululeko rekindled their relationship six months after calling it quits. Regrettably, the love affair was short-lived. In early 2018, Pearl Modiadie and her fiancé put their wedding plans on hold.

Pearl Modiadie revealed why she broke up with Nkululeko during an interview with Trending SA.

“I went back the first time because you want to give them the second chance. You know you want to see if you were right or wrong about them… I think it got to a point where it didn’t feel the way it was supposed to. It didn’t feel the way we knew it was supposed to. You know what love feels like. When it stops feeling like it and that small voice is talking. It was time to listen and walk,” she said.

Pearl Modiadie New Boyfriend

After breaking up with Nkululeko Buthelezi, Pearl Modiadie did not hurry into dating. She was content with her single life until she was drawn to a lovely man. According to reports, Pearl and her mystery boyfriend, Identified as Nathaniel Oppenheimer, began dating towards the end of 2018. For the first time in 2019, Pearl shared a photo of him.

“We met through a mutual friend. I have dated outside of my race before and it was a long-distance relationship that did not work out because the distance took its toll. So, this was not uncomfortable for my family. His family is also really lovely. They all want what’s best for us,” she revealed during an Instagram Q&A.

Rumor had it that they broke up in early 2021.

Pearl Modiadie Dresses

Pearl Modiadie is well-known for her fashion sense. Her signature look is laid-back elegant. Pearl Modiadie’s red-carpet gowns have landed her on numerous best-dressed lists. Many matric ball gowns have been inspired by her ensembles.

Pearl Modiadie Diet Plan

Pearl Modiadie claimed in June 2019 that as a teenager, she was obsessed with diets.

“When you’re told to start dieting in your teens because there’s an ‘obesity gene’ in the family, you start obsessing over your weight. I’ve been on diets for as long as I can remember. Name a diet, I’ve probably tried it. The scale was my frienemy, still is, but now I exercise!” she tweeted.

In a 2015 interview with People magazine, Pearl said she maintains her weight by eating healthy foods and working out at least three times a week. The TV host also revealed her eating habits.

“I try my hardest to stick to a healthy diet and only have cheat meals on certain days of the week. I also control my portion intake and spread small meals throughout the day instead of indulging in one big meal…portion control is what’s saving me from gaining weight again.”

Pearl Modiadie House

In early 2019, Pearl Modiadie purchased a new home. She has yet to release photos of her new home, but she did admit that it was an expensive purchase. In March 2019, she tweeted, “The additional fees on top of the purchasing price of a home are something else eh.” “I’m getting closer and closer to moving into my new home, and this makes me extremely happy,” Pearl added a few weeks later.

Pearl Modiadie surprised her father by purchasing a new home in 2017. On Instagram, she posted a video of her father walking into his new home.

“The proudest moment of my life,” she wrote.

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