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Pearl Thusi Puts The Government To Task Over GBV

Pearl Thusi Puts The Government To Task Over GBV

While Pearl Thusi gets more hate than love, we can’t take away from the fact that the actress is always raising awareness on things that affect her fellow Africans.

The “Queen Sono” lead has recently had reawaken on social media and how she addresses criticism she receives on social media. Granted, that this reawakening happens like clockwork at least once a year, but it just means that these social media streets are never dull. This time was following her endorsement of the #EndSARS movement. Pearl has been romantically linked in popular discourse with a foreign national that has been speculated to be of Nigerian descent.

Pearl only recently came out during an IGTV live session to having a boyfriend. However, she has not shared any other detail except that she is “serious” with her bae. Therefore, when Pearl spoke up on the matter on Twitter, the streets were a mess. Many started to ridicule Mama Pantha by suggesting that she has been “sent” by her boyfriend to populated the hashtag on her platform. The ridicule from trolls was based on the allegations that Pearl was not vocal about the injustices taking place in South Africa.

Well she is now highlighting the issues we face and has even gone on to share a petition regarding the matter.

The statement reads, “South Africa’s murders against women are currently around 3000 per year, whilst sexual offenses against women are at 50 000 per year. Signing this petition will make our government realise that we are no longer tolerating this. Gender based violence needs to be discussed and addressed from the state level due to our society’s embedded violence against women. We need measures in place that will aim to eradicate violence against women, rid our society of toxic patriarchal values and ensure gender justice.”

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