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Penny Lebyane On That Protection Order Narrative: “U r gonna fall”

Penny Lebyane On That Protection Order Narrative: “U r gonna fall”

“Using my hard earned name anything to destabilize me mentally cause of an ego.”

DJ Fresh’s recent allegations that he obtained a protection order, against his ex-girlfriend Penny Lebyane following a dramatic incident have not sat well with the TV personality.

Penny has taken to Twitter to hit back at the claims the popular DJ has made about her in his court interdict against controversial poet and singer Ntsiki Mazwai.

“U know someone is terrified of being exposed when they start fabricating things in legal documents about u to qualify their case. That narrative of painting me as unstable is gonna be the end of u in this times,” tweeted Penny.

According to Sunday World, the 94.7 FM radio presenter has filed papers in the Joburg High Court against Ntsiki for posting on social media that he is a rapist, reacting to a post by Penny where she alleged that she was rapped by a former boyfriend, she did not reveal the name of the boyfriend.

“In so far as Penny Lebyane, the author of the original post is concerned, I dated her briefly in 2001, i.e. 19 years ago. I broke up with her because our relationship was toxic and a restraining order was obtained against her after she attempted to force friends of mine off the road. I have not had dealings with her since,” reads Fresh’s affidavit.

On Sunday as #SueUsAll trended Penny defended herself against the claims and despite her not naming anyone it was clear as daylight who she was talking about.

“No restraining order ever against me back when no court papers served last year or this year. Just character assassination to thicken the misogynistic behavior,” tweeted Penny.

The TV personality also alleged that her “hard-earned name” was being used to destabilize her mentally all because of ego.

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