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Phumeza: We Know Each Other’s Phone Passwords

Phumeza: We Know Each Other’s Phone Passwords

Phumeza Mdabe and Shota are one couple that has been at it for years.

Today they proved once more that love really does conquer. One’s phone privacy is an issue in most relationships, some partners believe in a hundred percent exclusivity while some believe that it doesn’t have to include phones as they are private belongings.

Phumeza took to her Instagram to reveal that this isn’t an issue in her love life. “How is the relationship between your phone and your partner?😄So we know each other’s passwords and leave our phones with each other when we can’t attend to them.”

She also explained that in as much as they know each other’s passwords, they hardly go through each other’s phone because there’s really no need. “We also don’t go through each other’s phones. There’s no need.”

Phumeza and Shota have always been ambassadors of real love. The couple, who have a son together, have been an item since 2007.

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