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“Please Don’t Bewitch Us”

“Please Don’t Bewitch Us”

We love seeing love win! Masasa Mbangeni is head over heels in love with her man and today they celebrate their anniversary. We have seen many relationships in ZAlebville hit rock bottom and some of the most unexpected break ups. Masasa pleads with people who might have a problem with her relationship to turn a blind eye because sis is happy.

Taking to social media, Masasa expressed her never dying love for her man in celebration of their anniversary. Her bae Gwydion Beynon is a producer who has stolen Masasa’s heart. She shot her shot and never looked back since.

On IG she posted a picture of her and bae enjoying the sunset and she professed her love for him, “Here. A girl & her love chasing sunsets filter free shame samnthandi uNono (I love him).”

On Twitter she posted a series of her pictures and wrote, “Also [happy] Anniversary with this one. Like loving you has been vibes upon vibes and drinking savanna in the Savannah. Baba,” she wrote with numerous in love emojis.

She then added that her and her lover are very happy so people should not use witchcraft to try and separate them. They should rather use all of that to fight COVID-19 instead.

“Sonwabile noLove ningasithakathi [we are very happy my babe and I, please don’t bewitch us] use that energy to fight Covid please and thank you.”

Masasa had previously revealed that she is the one who made the first move, “I’m a big advocate of shooting your shot. I shot my shot & two years later I’m in the happiest, healthiest, safest relationship I have ever been in my entire life . Shoot wethu! You won’t die” she wrote.

When she first made her relationhsip public 2 years ago, Masasa shared how women on Twitter advised her to stop posting her lover a some women might want to snatch him away from her.

“Someone said I should stop posting pics of my guy because some girlie might take him away from me. If it happens it’s life hey…imagine living in fear of ukugilwa?!”

Masasa had become a victim of death hoaxes and her mother did not receive the news of her passing very well. “Got a frantic call from my mother who said she was woken up from sleep from a call from a colleague saying that in Facebook they say I’m dead from Covid because of this tweet. People don’t read for comprehension neh , now my mother must get a fright because of stupidity ugh,” she wrote.

Masasa had COVID before so she prays to get the vaccine ASAP. “I pray God keeps me till I get my vaccine . I’m so scared of this thing . I really got it quite bad when I had it , thank goodness I recovered at home but it took a while yhuuu,” she said

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