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Presley Allegedly Arrested For Assaulting His Wife

Presley Allegedly Arrested For Assaulting His Wife

Actor Presley Chweneyagae has landed on the wrong side of the law as he was allegedly arrested for assaulting his wife at the beginning of this month. According to reports by the Daily Sun, the incident happened on September 5 where he and his wife had an altercation which saw him detained at the Pretoria North police station on common assault charges.

The River’s Cobra confirmed this to the publication and even went into detail about what transpired. He said he and his wife had an argument about his car after she refused to give him the car keys as he had to attend to a work commitment. He made it clear that he is not a violent man and that it was the first incident to happen between the couple.

“I left her after taking the keys. The next thing, I got a call from the police that a case has been opened against me. There was no assault on her or myself. I followed the relevant protocols by handing myself over to the police, with whom I am co-operating (with),” he told the publication.

He then spoke about his stance with gender based violence and that he is a huge supporter of the cause. Like any other couple, he and his wife and mother of his children have their fair share of arguments but he says he has a lot of respect for her and would not want to hurt her.

The publication claims to have seen the statement which was written by the wife and it details what happened, saying he grabbed her by her clothes during the altercation. “She refused to give him the car keys, because he always takes the car to drink with his friends and his friends take the car and never brings it back. He then started fighting, pulling her with her clothes and pushing her with his fist,” the statement reads.

The veteran actor said he cannot speak on the matter any further as it is at the hands of the law.

“GBV and femicide is a big problem in our country. I take it very seriously and would not wish it on anyone, male or female. I have previously been active on awareness of such issues and will continue to do so in my personal and professional life.

“As husband and wife, we do have disagreements. More than anything, she is my wife and the mother of my children, and I have a great respect for her. It is just unfortunate we find ourselves in this situation. The matter is with the law enforcement agencies and I wouldn’t want to comment further for the sake of my family,” he concluded.

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