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Priddy Ugly Stands Up To Ntsiki

Priddy Ugly Stands Up To Ntsiki

Not many have the energy or the time to stand up to Ntsiki Mazwai but rapper Priddy Ugly thought it’s only best he puts her in her place. Ntsiki was acting her usual self on social media which is taking jabs at celebrities and downplaying anything they do. Priddy stood up to Ntsiki and told her to come correct.

Priddy Ugly released his sophomore album, Soil and has many back-pedaling on claims that he is a whack rapper. In the video clip he shared promoting his album, Priddy shared a video of him smocking.

Being the feminist that she is, Ntsiki commented on how society has degraded women who smoke, and have made it seem acceptable for men to smoke anyhow.

“Male privilege is nice….. Thina they call us names for smoking,” Ntsiki said. Not that there is anything wrong with Priddy smoking as it is his choice, he subtly clapped back at Ntsiki saying he isn’t smoking in the video, but he was burning sage.

“I feel you sis, and that’s unfortunate, it isn’t fair – you’re right. However the only thing smoking in this video is the sage,” he responded.

Priddy had people thinking he is a whack rapper but his wife Bontle Moloi even stood up for him and slammed people who said her husband is boring.

“I actually can’t believe how underrated, undervalued and overlooked my husband is. In RAPS? Are you kidding me?…And of course I’ll go hard for him, but don’t let basic thinking have you assume it’s because of any obligation. He’s f**king dope. His pen is undeniable. Man…Stop playing!”

Tweeps have never went easy towards Priddy Ugly, as they continuously call him an up and coming rapper, undermining his decade long contribution to the Hip Hop industry. Bontle called out this behavior saying she is yet to understand why this happens, “A lot of you go out of your way to act weird/strange when it comes to Priddy and I’m yet to understand why.”

“I guarantee you the ones with the most to say about Priddy Ugly have heard the least. He’s wack? On the basis of what? A lot of you ride that wave cause it’s cooler or safer to do. Herd mentality gripped you by the balls. So how can we take anything you say seriously?

“Rather say you don’t like Priddy Ugly or you don’t like his music (more than one song please because, come on – unless you the type to base an artist’s entire range on ONE song – that’s hectic). But to say he can’t rap is a damn LIE!”

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