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Prince Kaybee’s Prodcuer Challenge Is Back

Prince Kaybee’s Prodcuer Challenge Is Back

To merely say that the last Producer Challenge was a success is an understatement, the lucky winners walked away with a prize that would be every DJ’s dream. Last week, Prince Kaybee made a point to deliver his laptop that he used to produce all of his house music albums, the winner also received the laptop with all the songs that Prince. has worked on.

Now the controversial DJ has announced the second round of this competition for up and coming artists.

“Sho bafe2, please don’t forget next month we doing the #PrinceKaybeeProducerChallenge again. This time unfortunately no one is gnna win a laptop but your songs under this hashtag will get more exposer. So I will post the Hashtag then y’all post videos and links to your songs.”
After seeing Tweeps complaining about the lack of opportunities for producers, Prince Kaybee decided to open up the industry for other artists, something that many South Africans have complained about in the past. This cry from the country’s producers came after Prince Kaybee launched another successful project, called Project Hope.

His Project Hope campaign is a collaborative album of South Africa’s unsigned singers, it was launched on Twitter to try and find the best vocalist but after realising that there is so much talent, Prince Kaybee decided to rather select 10 winners he can work with.

This second leg of the Producers Challenge will offer the same exposure as Project Hope, unfortunately, the good-hearted DJ can’t always afford a prize so exposure on his ever-busy timeline will have to do for now. His fans were excited and appreciated the competition.

“I wrote a song for that beat you uploaded.. Will upload soon, hope you’ll like.. It’s nice if I must say”

“Appreciation dwag, you are for the people”

“Trying to curb unemployment, i like yo mindset homie”

“With your experience, connect and pocket we can have a streaming plartfom set up for these young folks. I am not tech dude but can help with some details”

It seems this competition will be a success too, given the number of Tweeps who are already plugging their music in the comments section. Prince Kaybee may be a drama Prince by always trolling other ZAlebs but he is genuine in his effort to open the industry. We can only hope that other artists follow in his lead, across all music genres and entertainment industries.

Which industry would you be ready to participate in, given your talents?

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