Proverb Gets Real On Suicide And Cheating

Proverb Gets Real On Suicide And Cheating

Mac G recently had radio personality, rapper and Idols SA judge Proverb as his guest this past Thursday on his popular Podcast And Chill. Some of the topics they touched on included suicide, infidelity in relationships and more.

Speaking on his relationship with late rapper HHP, Verb revealed that they had not spoken in some time before he passed on.

“We drifted apart in the last couple of years.” He said. I didn’t make it to his funeral because I was too personally affected by it and also because my mom had just passed away. While I was still mourning a very good friend of mine passed on as well.”

Mac G was surprised when he found out that the radio personality once attempted to take his life away. However, Proverb said that no one is immune to pain in life regardless of how successful you are.

“No amount of money, no amount of gigs can shield you from difficulties. I’m a human being Mac G. I have encountered my own challenges.”He said. “At the time, how I chose to deal with, I obviously regret now. But I don’t regret the lessons I learnt from it and who I’ve become as a result of it and because of that, I don’t regret what happened either.”

Although the experience took its toll on him, it has made him a stronger human being. “I’m actually happy it did because I might not be who I am had it not happened.” However, he doesn’t encourage anyone to attempt or even think about suicide. “I obviously don’t encourage anybody to do it you know. I tried committing suicide but I just didn’t die. You need to read the book. As I say, I don’t know if you religious at all but God works in mysterious way man, I have never had as clear a perspective as since the day I tried. You know what I mean?”

What made his wife’s cheating even harder to bear was the fact everything was in the spotlight. “It was playing out in front of my family, in front of the world every two seconds. I was in the tabloids. And here’s the kicker Mac G. On Sundays, I should still get out and smile and still give out numbers with everybody. For me, it was amplified by the fact that it happened on the world stage.”

Despite all that happened, he is not judgemental of what his ex-wife did to him.
‘I’m not judgemental of anybody. Until you in their shoes and can walk a mile in their shoes, then you can comment. I pass no judgement, I think we are all responsible for ourselves and I can only account for me. I have no judgement.”

What the full interview below.

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