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Proverb Reveals Failed Suicide Attempt After Wife Cheated

Proverb Reveals Failed Suicide Attempt After Wife Cheated

Idols SA presenter ProVerb has released a memoir where he reveals some jaw-dropping details about his life. Topics ranged from his depression, his divorce from ex-wife Onalerona Moreo and some life lessons. The rapper revealed that he had fell into depression following his divorce when he learnt of his wife’s infidelity.

The media personality launched his memoir titled The Book Of ProVerb and has decided to be very complex. Years later after his very public divorce, the rapper has finally found his peace and has decided to share inspire people through his memoir.

One revelation that is a shocker is his failed suicide attempt after learning about his ex-wife’s infidelity in 2015. Onalerona who is the mother of his two children, cheated on him with controversial and prominent businessman Edwin Sodi. They have been married for 10 years. Horrified at the thought of having to let go of his wife and children to start a new life without him, he tried to mend their already failing marriage through counselling.
Feeling as though he had failed, depression started to creep in and that lead him to wanting to end his own life. ProVerb then delved deeper and detailed how he wanted to commit suicide. On a Friday night, he said he drove to three pharmacies and purchased strong painkillers. He then got home and hugged Onalerona, before making way to their patio. Locking himself in, he drank all the pills with a bottle of wine. His brother found him on time, and drove him to the hospital.

Describing that dark time as his moment of weakness, ProVerb admitted that he is human like everybody else. Speaking to All4Women, he said he is in a much better place right now as he only focuses on the positives.

“This for me is the biggest take-away I hope those who read the book receive. I address how depression is a daily struggle and how I service my peace and wellbeing daily by focusing on all the positives, being eternally optimistic and by celebrating the milestones big or small.

“I’m in a fantastic space, personally and professionally. I’m fortunate to do what I love and get so much fulfilment doing it. My kids are blossoming and this is my biggest source of happiness and peace,” he told the publication.

As a celebrity, he decided to use his platform for the good and to show people that no-one is immune to this disease called depression, “Depression does not discriminate but it feeds on silence and shame. If we speak more openly about it we can exchange information, ideas and eventually solutions.

“This is also why I felt the need to pen my experiences around this to hopefully lift someone who is struggling or just needs to know that they are not alone and no-one is immune.”

Following their divorce, in 2018 Onalerona wedded at her father’s house and had another child with her lover. Before that she had opened up on her Instagram about what divorce feels like, and compared it to death.

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