Rami Chuene Discusses Homosexuality And The Bible

Rami Chuene Discusses Homosexuality And The Bible

South African actress, Rami Chuene, joined in the social media discussion following Friday night’s episode of Cheeky Palate. The topic of conversation for the season premiere centred around spirituality, with many of the guests bringing religion to the table as well. As the discussions were underway, the Twitterverse added in their commentary, with many people sharing their thoughts on whether homosexuality should be considered acceptable according to the Bible.

A few days later, Rami added her thoughts to the conversation, and questioned those who had shared their homophobic comments to her feed. The Isono actress tweeted, “Homosexuality has always been the easy target because it is the only natural thing classified as unnatural, labelled as a behaviour in the Bible. And that’s the first mistake. A big mistake.”

Her views subjected her to backlash from conservatives who aimed at proving that homosexuality was against the teachings of the Bible. Lekokomoga Ntweng attempted to reason that same-sex partners cause a disruption to nature, as it inhibits man and woman from procreating. Rami tried to keep her cool and responded with, “You’re basically proving my tweet. Back in the day I’d fight you but I came to understand that I can’t change a man stuck in his ways. I keep it moving.”

Rami is known for sharing her controversial comments on her Twitter page and often engages with her following who try to challenge her on her views. Just last week, the actress took a jab at her industry peers, who she believed needed to be investigated by The Hawks.

She tweeted, “As soon as Hawks are done with politics they must come to the mighty, unstoppable and greedy entertainment ‘gods’.” Tweeted Rami Chuene. “The corruption, greed and exploitation has built many mansions and bought many cars leaving many artists broke since the days of Bophelo ke Semphekgo.”

Many followers felt like she was sending subliminal to her former bosses with Fergusons who she accused of exploiting her and not paying her enough.

“The entertainment industry is huge guys. I can’t be talking about the industry and you think I’m talking about one show/production. I’m way bigger than that. Yes, I am. You’re thinking one grain and I’m talking about the whole farm.”

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