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Riky Rick Puts South African Leaders On Blast

Riky Rick Puts South African Leaders On Blast

Multi-award-winning rapper Rikhado ‘Riky Rick’ Makhado has expressed how much the South African leaders are failing not just the South African youth but also the people that try to uplift the economy.

He took to Instagram and said, “There is too much anger and sadness in my heart right now to appropriately speak on what is happening in this country. The only thing I am 100% sure of is that we have been let down by our ‘leaders’. ALL OF THEM.

“The worst part is the absolute hell this country is going to face going forward. It was bad already but now it’s going to get worse. To the young brothers and sisters, it’s time to get serious about school and your books…

“It’s time to get serious about your job (if you can find one). It’s time to identify a skill and develop it to the point where it can earn you a living. It’s time to drink less. Party less. Save your money for your family. Be an entrepreneur where possible. Pass on the blessings at every opportunity. Protect your community. Build your community.

“The government is not going to save us. Politics is not going to save us. The leaders we trusted with our lives are not going to save us. 🇿🇦💔

Riky sent a message to The Legends Barbershop founder and owner Sheldon Tatchell after a number of his barbershops were looted early this week.

“@legend_sheldon we will rebuild and come back stronger my brother 👊🏾 God has a plan 🙏🏾 all the @legends_barber staff and barbers that work so hard to keep this business alive, we will do everything to make sure you are taken care of”

Sheldon took to Instagram as well to scold the people that have taken bread from the staff of Legends Barbershop.

He said, “When I saw these images of our stores it broke my heart. Not because of loss of income, but for the mere act of destroying people’s livelihood. How many of your kids work at the stores that you have looted? How many of your wives, husbands, sisters and mothers work here. What jobs do they have, to go back to? What income can be provided by your actions? Our staff is crying and heartbroken because you, their parents, uncles and aunts, cousins and friends have left them jobless. Your actions have caused disruption and turmoil. It’s heart-breaking”

People felt what Ricky and Sheldon were feeling. These were some of their reactions:

@tasabrahams said, “Heart-breaking Sheldon. I cannot even begin to comprehend how your staff. Praying for this madness to end”

@channelministr said, “Our hearts are with all of you family, the Remedy Our Country Needs right now it’s Christ Jesus, who taught us about LOVE…This will have devastating effects in your livelihoods because the very businesses/properties you looting and destroying are employing our families who are bread winners within our communities…We love you all and praying for you…”

@wolf_speaks said, “I’m sorry Sheldon. You and everyone at Legends are amazing people and you are doing God’s work. Let’s #rebuildsa together”

@eastsidelouw said, “That’s all. Only you can save yourself. No grant. No handout. No government. No free land. It’s do or die”

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