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Riky Rick Wants To Move Forward With Cassper

Riky Rick Wants To Move Forward With Cassper

South Africa rapper, Riky Rick, has opened up about his feelings towards ex-friend, Cassper Nyovest, who is still holding a grudge again him. In an online interview on YFM’s Best Drive Instagram Live with Altovise and DJ Sabby, Riky took time to address the drama and revealed that his has nothing but love for the homie.

The rapper was straight-up asked about the public feud and how he has dealt with it being open for public commentary. He began by claiming that he didn’t want to dwell on the subject for too long, but went on to elaborate about why he understands where Cassper was coming from. He stated, “It’s an f**k up cause I would love to be good, I would love for it to be okay and I’ve communicated that many times. I feel like for him to do that record where he said that it’s not about anyone or whatever, for him to do that record, he needed to do that record, I accept that.”

The song in question, To Whom It May Concern, appears on Cassper’s album, Any Minute Now, and initially wasn’t interpreted negatively by Riky. “We’ve been speaking, we’ve been texting, we’ve been talking, we’ve been talking about my kids, we’ve had phone calls where we’ve talked. So I was taking it more from it is a situation, the f**k ups that have happened in our relationships will get sorted out behind the scenes. I was taking it that way but I fully understand someone putting it on a record and saying whatever he said. Whether it applies to me or whoever it is for, people can decide.”

As it stands, the rapper says the he is currently waiting to see if Cassper is willing to resolve their issues together or if he would like to dwell on it for longer. He used his relationship with his girlfriend, Bianca, as an example, claiming that when they have a disagreement, they may air out their issues publically with friends or family but at the end of the day they are doing it so that they can get to a better place.

He concluded with, “We are not going through hardships in relationships to try and be at war. We should be going through hardships in relationships to try and get to a better place. My mistakes like talking to Silkour was maybe an issue that he could not let go off and I understand that, I fully understand that. I have some issues that are hard for me to let go off and I hope he understands that.”

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