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Robert Marawa Leaks A Jaw Dropping Audio

Robert Marawa Leaks A Jaw Dropping Audio

Legendary sports anchor Robert Marawa left Tweeps in awe this morning after he leaked the audio of the former Bloemfontein Celtic owner Max Tshabalala.

In the audio, Tshabalala is addressing the players about the immediate sale of the team. Tweeps have since expressed their shock and disappointment at how the former owner broke the news to the players. However, others said they understood where he came from.

Tshabalala is heard saying: “…You have seen what the media is saying and everybody and that’s true, the team is sold, you know that we had problems and I was foreseeing other problems this season also, so the team is sold. I can’t do otherwise, it’s been four years that I have run the team out of my pockets and you know the challenges. You have also not made it easier for me so as per Premier League and stuff like that we have sold the team over to Royal AM, it’s in Durban, MaMkhize.”

Tshabalala continued to tell the players that the PSL has approved the deal. He told them that for every player who had a contract with Bloemfontein Celtic, their contract is now under Royal AM.

“It’s up to you at Royal AM if you want to tell them that you want out but everything is with Royal AM, the salaries and everything people will be paid as per the salary signed…”

In part two of the audio, Tshabalala talks to the players about their trip to Durban.

“Nobody without a contract must leave, it’s only people who are contracted…Don’t leave here if you do not have a contract. so that’s all I can’t take it anymore, it is too much it has affected my personal life and it has affected my family and children’s lives.

“Let’s arrange for you to leave, I do not know what mode of transport are we gonna use. Those with cars will have to put money at the garage so that people must fill their cars…and then those without cars will arrange transportation or a bus so that you can be taken there,” he said.

In another tweet, Robert Marawa also revealed that he has spoken to some of the team members and they told him that their living conditions are not good.

“Chatting to the players now on the fone who r sleeping four per small room is sad actually….whether morning or night it’s ruff.

He also revealed that he knew on Friday that the team was sold but players had to wait until Monday to find out.

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