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Rouge Addresses Her “Beef” With Nadia Nakai

Rouge Addresses Her “Beef” With Nadia Nakai

Award-winning SA female rapper Rouge, has poured cold water to claims that she is beefing with Nadia Nakai. The talented rappers have never been photographed together, nor seen together by their legion of fans, causing assumptions that they are rivalries.

Rouge had to once again set the records straight that there is no bad blood between them. In a recent interview with, Mac G on his Youtube Podcast series, Podcast and Chill With MacG, Rouge said they are both doing great in their respective careers and people should focus on that.

“I think people are just doing that because I’m here killing what I’m killing, and Nadia is there killing what she’s doing and it’s like they don’t talk to each other.”

Rouge said it is just a coincidence that they have never been together. “I think it’s just a coincidence that we are never in the same space and its also okay that we are not friends.”

Asked if she has ever met Nadia, Rouge said “I’ve known Nadia for a while, we’ve been knowing each other, and it’s just that life and we pushed us in different directions. We have different circles and our different spaces. Not to say that when we do see each other, it’s not a thing of argh I’m not greeting, When I see her, We say hi.”

“Honestly speaking, there is no beef. There is no problem between Nadia and I. It gets really frustrating, the fact that people are trying to create that. It’s very very annoying,” said Rouge.

The rapper said there hasn’t been a song that they can work on, but she has no problem working with her. When we checked on Instagram Rouge follows Nadia but the ragga ragga hitmaker doesn’t follow her back, and it left us wondering why?

This is not the first time Rouge has come out guns blazing to slam claims that they are beefing. Rouge once posted on Twitter that she is the best lyrically. This follows after she took to the platform to promote her new single featuring Emtee 40 Bars.

The rapper wrote “BTW I’m still the best when it comes to the bars. Don’t play yourself. As you were.” A fan replied and asked if she shaded Nadia, and she did not let it slide. Rouge clapped back and said “Bullsh*t. Stop tryna cause drama.”

The rappers are one of Mzansi’s favorites and they are killing it in the hip hop game, and because the music industry is known as the dog-eats-dog world, one is not surprised that fans always assumes that artists are beefing.

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