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SA Woman Goes Through Hell After Exposing Zim Prophet’s Fake Miracles

SA Woman Goes Through Hell After Exposing Zim Prophet’s Fake Miracles

A South African woman, Thabisa Ralawe’s life had turned into a living nightmare, after she exposed an SA based, Zim pastor for fake healing miracles.

Speaking to a South African publication, Ralawe said her life has been difficult for the past 2 years and she’s still living in fear after she exposed the shady elements at her former church.

The pastor in question, known as Jay Israel, originally comes from Zimbabwe although, he uses an alias in his documents.

Pastor Jay Israel publicly apologized to Ralawe on a youtube video and admitted to performing fake miracles as well as running his church like a cult.

Pastor Jay Israel rose to fame with his healing miracles which involved wheelchair bound people walking again.

Ralawe at the time, worked as the church’s public relations officer.

When asked about pastor Jay Israel’s apology, Ralawe had this to say.

“I don’t take his apology seriously as he did not look sincere. He was just smiling right through the apology.

“When I asked him why he decided to apologise now, which is two years later, he said he had repented and had to face God. The apology was part of his journey. However, he failed to tell me what he was apologising for.”

She said after exposing the pastor 2 Years ago, her life has been hellish, she received death threats, and had her car tyres slashed.

She said she also suffered loss of income after he dragged her name in the mud and accused her of being bitter that he turned down her se_xual advances.

“I received three-year contracts from different nonprofit organisations for motivational talks and to empower girls and divorced women. After the allegations… they pulled out because of reputational damage.”

She said her problems started when she was introduced to the church in June 2017.

She was offered the PR job when she doused the social media attacks, Jay Israel was getting from preaching about abstinence in young, unmarried people.

She said she was bothered about prophecy time in the church.

“He always wanted the congregation to close their eyes but one day I decided to keep my eyes opened. That is when I discovered that there were people guiding him to choose congregants he would prophesy about.

She claims he had a list of people who had professed their problems beforehand and then he would pretend as if God gave him a directive to prophesy on the person.

She claimed he had a couple of professionally hired actors at his service to participate in the miracles session.

“There were many miracles that did not make sense and I felt so bad to be part of the scam.

She said that the police failed her and pastor Jay Israel has since moved from East London.

Eastern Cape police spokesperson Khaya Tonjeni confirmed that Ralawe opened an intimidation case.

There are no arrests that have been made and the investigation continues,” he said

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