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Scandal! Says Goodbye To Romeo Medupe

Scandal! Says Goodbye To Romeo Medupe

Romeo Medupe played by actor and overall entertainer, Hungani Ndlovu, is one of the most beloved charatcers on eTV’s “Scandal!” Hungani was one of the breakout stars from the soapie as he transitioned from call actor to permanent and one of the lead actors on the soapie.

Following the drainage of the core cast that started with the soapie, and “Scandal!” continued to introduce new characters, Hungani’s character cemented himself as one of the faves. And his character’s arch has shown that growth from the humble beginnings to the reason that a whole soapie would trend on social media.

When Hungani was first introduced in the character of Romeo Medupe, he was a troubled, intellectually gifted heir to the Newtonian; the flagship hotel of on the soapie. However, in his tenure his has become a father, a husband, and beloved character for the extent he will go to ensure that his family is taken care off.

For the past year there have been rumors of his departure from the soapie. The rumors have been fueled by various reasons throughout duration that they have been purported by the media. First, the suggestion was that Hungani had become egotistical with his advent to mainstream popularity. The suggestion was that he had believed that he carried the show and wanted a cheque that showcased his level of importance on the soapie.

These rumors were quickly put to bed. But then they arose again when the actor took a sabbatical from the soapie. At the time, Hungani was not shooting anything but had taken some time off from the soapie. In light of the temporary departure of Kgomotso Christopher’s character of Yvonne Langa, many had wondered if that marked the end for Romeo too. However, again, that was addressed quickly.

However, now it seems that it might finally come to fruition that “Scandal!” lovers will soon need to bid goodbye to Hungani’s character. It is alleged that eTV’s Marketing Manager, Makatseng Mokomoe confirmed the departure of Hungani Ndlvu. However, provided fans with hope by suggesting that he departure was open-ended, meaning he could possibly return in the future.

No reasons for his depature have been given. However, the already highlighted suspicions have again reared their head. Moreover, there has been no official word from the soapie or Hungani about the departure, so there is hope that all will not be doom-and-gloom, and that Romeo does return if he leaves.

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