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Shekhinah opens up about struggling with her body image

Shekhinah opens up about struggling with her body image

Singer Shekhinah has opened up about struggling with her body image, hoping that followers can resonate with her insecurities.

Loving yourself can be hard at times, we magnify our flaws and forget to see the beauty within. Musician Shekhinah shared her personal thoughts about her body image on social media this week, and hoped that her story would inspire others.

Posting a pic of herself seated in front of a mirror, she wrote: “I had to post this image to be brave for a second. Things I don’t like about this image of me is my baldness, my cellulite and overall shape of my body and the location of this image not being the huge house and home I thought I would have by now.”

The star also encouraged fans to join her for a live chat on Instagram Live about depression and body image.

The star has been candid about her body and health in the past.

In 2019, Shekhinah took a break from the limelight after a series of operations. She shared her story with concerned followers.

“I had surgery for three days. All went well: removed nodules and my tonsils, as well as fixing my sinuses. The doctor had booked me off for three months. July is my last month off, then I’m back. it’s been frustrating and challenging at the same time,” said the hitmaker.

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