Shimza And DJ pH Bid Farewell To “Lockdown House Party”

Shimza And DJ pH Bid Farewell To “Lockdown House Party”

The “Lockdown House Party” was the in-house and the pandemic’s best reliever for party goers but with the country moving to level 1 restrictions, it is time to bid farewell to the show.

Co-creator of one of the most popular shows to come out of the pandemic, and the height of its restrictions, Shimza went on Twitter to announce the end of the “Lockdown House Party.” The announcement came as surprise, as the team continued like it is business-as-usual until just before the airing of the last episode. But maybe we should have known that the show was coming to an end when the line-up included both Shimza and DJ pH on the same day.

Speaking of fellow co-creator of the show, DJ pH, also went on social media to confirm the end of the “Lockdown House Party.” But pH did not only confirm the end of the show, but he had the honor of being the one to play the last set we will ever hear from the popular music show. And according to reviews, the DJ certainly did shut it down.

The importance of the show can never be overlooked. The “Lockdown House Party,” provided many performers and DJs with the exposure, considering the free performance matter but ke; and visibility during a time when live performances and DJ sets were not possible for many performers. It also provided some of up and coming DJs with greater opportunities in the industry, and it cemented some rising stars with quicker come-up stories; think Lamiez Holworthy.

We could provide many memorable moments from the show, but executive producer and leading behind-the-scenes boss lady, Sibu Mabena shared a timeline of the impact of the show in her own life and let us just day that it did not only provided the drama, joys and impact of having worked on the show. Bu her summary encapsulated the journey we all went through these past six months of the height of the pandemic and the restrictions that the government placed on all of us.

But it was not just the creators of the show that took the time to bid farewell to the show. Fans went on social media to bid goodbye to the show. They not only shared their standout moments from the season finale, but they shared so much more. The trend detailed their highlight performances, DJs and performers we will never see on the show, and messages of gratitude for providing South Africans with groove at home.

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