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Shimza’s Suspected New Bae Labelled A ‘Donwgrade’

Shimza’s Suspected New Bae Labelled A ‘Donwgrade’

Trust social media users to use their investigative skills to dig some dirt on many secretive people. The latest victim was popular DJ and entrepreneur DJ Shimza. His love life has been something he has kept very private since his very public break up with media personality K Naomi.

A social media user revealed who they think might be Shimza’s new bae, by putting two and two together. They spotted the background in one of Shimza’s picture and saw that it is similar to Athi Geleba’s background in one of her pictures. What ‘gave it away’ was her caption which reads, “I’m not about “well done”, I’m about helping to make sure that you do it…”

It’s pretty clear that the two were out trying on new shoes but her caption for many insinuated that they might just be a couple.

If her social media bio were to be true, the lady in question works as Head of Digital Communications in the Presidency of the Republic of South Africa.

Even though neither of them addressed any of the speculations, Tweeps under the comments section are not liking his alleged new woman, labelling her a downgrade.

They even dug up a picture of Athi posing next to a car Shimza also posed next to.

Model K Naomi is the last known girlfriend Shimza was dating after their nasty break up, his love life remained completely private.

Following their public break up and the shady messages they directed at each other, exes K Naomi and DJ Shimza seem to have buried the hatchet. They have been spotted at several events and even smile for the cameras. Letting people know that there isn’t any bad blood between them.

When the couple split in 2018, K Naomi posted in her Insta Story a picture of herself and Shimza with the caption: “Thanks for breaking me”. She also said: “I made you my world and you didn’t get it. Now it’s an issue that I’m living my own life, without you.”

Later this year in February, Naomi shaded Shimza when his car got stolen when she tweeted: “God will humble you.”

When Shimza replaced his stolen car with a new Mercedes Benz, he ‘responded’ to the shade and said; “When I lost my previous car she tweeted “God will humble you” yesterday that tweet rang in my head the whole day. God loves us all.”

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